Reward for nurse's heroism

PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 December, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 01 December, 2008, 12:00am

Yunnan authorities have promised to reward a nurse who was stabbed after agreeing to enter a room in a supermarket to treat a woman hostage seriously wounded by a knife-wielding man on Saturday.

Zhu Yidan , 25, a nurse who works for the Red Cross Hospital in the province, was among the first people to reach the branch of French retail giant Carrefour where the man had stabbed two customers and a sales assistant before taking another woman, Wang Lihua , hostage at about 9.30am.

One of Ms Zhu's colleagues said they arrived at the scene about 40 minutes later, the website of People's Daily reported.

'A police officer came over and told Zhu Yidan that they needed a nurse to provide first aid to the injured,' she said.

According to another witness who was in the supermarket, Lu Zhiwen , the 39-year-old perpetrator, was holding a Ms Wang at knifepoint in the manager's office, the report added. She had been stabbed in the back and was bleeding heavily.

The nurse's colleague said Ms Zhu entered the room without regard for her safety. Once inside she tended to Ms Wang's wound before Lu allowed her to leave and then kept the nurse hostage.

'No one had attempted to warn her about the danger inside the room, nor recommended that she wear a bulletproof vest beforehand. She asked nothing but went straight into the room,' her colleague said.

'Ms Wang was allowed out by Lu some three minutes later, but Ms Zhu was herself kept hostage by him.'

The abductor had threatened to harm her several times by 11.30am, before a police marksman shot him dead and managed to rescue her, the report said.

Ms Zhu had a cut on her neck that was 8cm long and 1.5cm deep. She was also deeply shocked, her doctor was quoted as saying.

Ms Zhu was still in hospital under observation yesterday, though her life was not in danger. She was highly praised by the media and thousands of internet surfers for her courageous act. Some netizens urged Yunnan authorities to reward her generously.

An official with the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in Kunming told the Beijing-based Legal Mirror that his executives had decided to reward Ms Zhu.

What form the reward would take would not be decided until a meeting scheduled for today.

The Yunnan Provincial Health Department had also decided to honour Ms Zhu for her bravery, said Ren Chashun , deputy head of the emergency centre for which Ms Zhu works.

The other four victims, including Ms Wang, were all in critical condition yesterday after surgery, the report quoted doctors with the Red Cross Hospital as saying.

Police said the attack was triggered by a failed love affair.