PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 December, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 05 December, 2008, 12:00am

We can't live with them and we can't live without them. They pollute our planet but we will never stop using them. They are beautiful, sleek and some of us worship them. Welcome to the world of cars

What sort of car is that?

A car is much more than a metal box with four wheels. What sort of cars are these?

1. a limousine

a) a car used for transporting camping equipment

b) a very luxurious car

2. a cab

a) a car with only two doors

b) another name for a taxi

3. a mini

a) a small, compact car

b) a car with a very big boot

4. a hearse

a) a car that only carries two people

b) a vehicle for transporting a coffin to a funeral

5. a stretch limo

a) an antique car more than 50 years old

b) an extremely long luxury car used by celebrities

6. a convertible

a) a car that converts into a van

b) a car with a roof that folds down

7. a hatchback

a) a vehicle used for learner drivers

b) a car with a sloping back door that opens upwards

8. a four by four

a) a car where the engine supplies power to all four wheels instead of just the usual

two so that it can go over difficult ground

b) a car with four doors

9. a dodgem

a) a car for use in the countryside

b) a small electric car which the driver uses to bump at other cars for fun at a carnival

10. a sports car

a) a car that transports sports equipment

b) a fast, low car usually with only two passenger seats

Parts of a car

What are the names for the following bits of a car?

1. the thing that supplies the power

2. the wide stretch of glass at the front

3. the piece of the car body that you can lift up to see the engine

4. the metal pipe at the back through which petrol fumes are released

5. the large lights at the front of a car

6. the small mirror attached to the driver's and the front passenger's door

7. a long metal arm with a rubber edge that moves against the windscreen to remove rain

8. the outer rubber casing of a wheel

9. the light that comes on to warn drivers behind that the car is about to stop

10. the sign on the front and back of a vehicle that shows its registration number

rear window / bumper / number plate / rear-view mirror / engine / brake light / bonnet / windscreen / headlights / tyre / front wheel / exhaust / windscreen wiper / side-view mirror

The missing car

Put in the correct word or phrase to complete these sentences.

1. Four of us at work have formed a ________________ and it saves us both time and money.

2. You should turn on the ________________. It's starting to rain quite badly.

3. Is there a ________________ near the office? My car is dirty and I can't be bothered to wash it myself.

4. There is a ________________ in the office car park on Sunday. I'm going to go and get rid of some of my old CDs, books and clothes.

5. The train to Shanghai doesn't have a ________________. We must take some sandwiches.

6. I think your ________________ is broken. It didn't work when you parked the car just now.

7. You should always look in your ________________ and side-view mirrors before you pull out to overtake.

8. I'd love a car where the top comes down. I've always wanted a ________________

9. I'm going to buy a ________________ next time. It's much more useful to have a car where the back opens up like a door.

10. My wife uses the ________________ during the week. It's the first time she's worked anywhere that has provided a car.

Cars, cars and more cars

A car is not always a car. Match the following up with their meanings

1. a sleeping car

2. a patrol car

3. a car pool

4. a company car

5. a stock car

6. a car wash

7. a dining car

8. a vintage car

9. a car boot sale

10. a cable car

a) a group of people who travel together, especially to work or school, usually in a different member's car each day

b) a car - owned by an organisation - which is used by an employee for his or her work

c) the section of a train in which passengers are served meals

d) an event where people sell their unwanted possessions from the backs of their cars

e) a carriage that hangs from a strong wire and transports people up steep slopes

f) a car used by police officers

g) an ordinary car that has been made stronger and faster so that it can be used in special races

h) a car manufactured between 1919 and 1930

i) a place where you drive through to have your car cleaned automatically

j) a railway carriage containing bunks for passengers to sleep in


What sort of car is that: 1. b / 2. b / 3. a / 4. b / 5. b / 6. b / 7. b / 8. a / 9. b / 10. b

Parts of a car: 1. engine / 2. windscreen / 3. bonnet / 4. exhaust / 5. headlights / 6. side-view mirror / 7. windscreen wiper / 8. tyre / 9. brake light / 10. number plate

The missing car: 1. car pool / 2. windscreen wipers / 3. car wash / 4. car boot sale / 5. dining car / 6. brake light / 7. rear-view / 8. convertible / 9. hatchback / 10. company car

Cars, cars and more cars: 1. j / 2. f / 3. a / 4. b / 5. g / 6. i / 7. c / 8. h / 9. d / 10. e