PUBLISHED : Friday, 19 December, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 19 December, 2008, 12:00am

Today Interim: Allan International Holdings, Amax Entertainment Holdings, AMS Public Transport Holdings, Capital Strategic Investment, CEC International Holdings, China Conservational Power, Chinese People Holdings, CITIC 21CN, Coastal Greenland, Four Seas Food Investment Holdings, Four Seas Mercantile Holdings, Freeman Corporation, Imagi International Holdings, ITC Properties, Kenford Group Holdings, Kingmaker Footware Holdings, Kwong Hing International Holdings (Bermuda), Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings, Mongolia Energy, Ocean Grand Chemicals Holdings, Pacific Textiles Holdings, Starlight International Holdings, Styland Holdings, Tak Sing Alliance Holdings, Tonic Industries Holdings, Yunnan Enterprises Holdings

Final: China Ground Source Energy

AGM: City Telecom (H.K.), Dynamic Holdings, Hua Han Bio-Pharmaceutical Holdings

Tomorrow Interim: Sun East Technology (Holdings)

December 22 Interim: Artini China, Asia Resources Holdings, China Jin Hui Mining, China Motion Telecom International, China Solar Energy Holdings, Chung Tai Printing Holdings, Climax International, Dickson Group Holdings, Extrawell Pharmaceutical Holdings, FU JI Food and Catering Services Holdings, HyComm Wireless, KTP Holdings, Moiselle International Holdings, Ngai Lik Industrial Holdings, Pacific Andes International Holdings, Rising Development Holdings, Sam Woo Holdings, Takson Holdings

Final: Global Tech (Holdings)

AGM: Heng Tai Consumables Group, Neptune Group, QPL International Holdings, Wonderful World Holdings

December 23 Interim: Bestway International Holdings, China Oil Resources Holdings, Dore Holdings, Hanny Holdings, Interchina Holdings, ITC Corporation, Mascotte Holdings, Premium Land, Victory City International Holdings, Xpress Group

AGM: Lai Sun Development, Lai Sun Garment (International), Sinotronics Holdings

December 24 Interim: Garron International, Hong Kong Health Check and Laboratory Holdings, Sino Prosper Holdings, Town Health International Holdings

December 29 Interim: China HealthCare Holdings, Mei Ah Entertainment, Norstar Founders, Shun Cheong Holdings, Sino Resources Group, Sino Union Petroleum & Chemical International, Uni-Bio Science Group

AGM: UDL Holdings

December 30 Interim: China Grand Forestry Green Resources, China Water Affairs

December 31 2nd Interim: Public Financial Holdings

Final: CIL Holdings

AGM: China Zenith Chemical Group, Pokfulam Development

January 12 AGM: Shenyang Public Utility Holdings

January 19 AGM: Frasers Property (China), Wonderful World Holdings

January 22 AGM: Qin Jia Yuan Media Services

February 12 AGM: Shenyang Public Utility Holdings