PUBLISHED : Thursday, 25 December, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 25 December, 2008, 12:00am

Learning English in a fun way

Most Hong Kong students find English boring and difficult. I am no exception.

But learning the language is very important, so we have to face it bravely.

As a matter of fact, learning English outside of school can be very easy and a lot of fun, too. Here are a few suggestions to help you boost your language skills.

First, buy a small notebook. Keep it with you, and write down new English words and phrases that you hear. Put colourful pictures next to the words to make it look more interesting.

Second, learn the English names of all the MTR stations.

Third, agree with all your friends that you will only use English on MSN and in e-mails from now on. This way, we can learn English together, pointing out each other's mistakes.

Finally, set clear targets. For example, plan to learn five new words a day. At the end of the month, reward yourself for having reached your target.

We can learn English in a lot of fun ways. All that is required is a little effort.

Tracy Chan Ko-sze, Leung Shek Chee College

Mainland students really work hard

Recently, I took part in an exchange programme between Hong Kong and the mainland.

I witnessed students preparing for a university entrance exam.

I was impressed by how hard-working they were.

Their day starts at 6am. They clean themselves in 30 minutes, and then begin studying.

They continue studying until lessons begin at 8am. Everyone participates in the lessons energetically, and no one takes a nap.

Compared to mainland students, I am lazy.

When they finish lessons at 5.30pm, they only get two hours to eat and relax. Then they return to school until 10pm.

I was very impressed by their hard work. If I can learn to study as hard as them, my grades will improve significantly.

Cindy Kwok, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Uniforms are good

In my opinion, we should wear school uniforms. Uniforms represent a team or group, and give a sense of belonging.

They indicate which school a student goes to.

They look neat and present a good image.

They save time in the mornings, as we don't have to think about clothing.

Try to love your uniform and school. My school has a pink and white uniform. It is simple but good, and I love wearing it.

Marilyn Au Wai-yee, YOT Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

A good job is very important

I think the definition of a good job is a high salary, a cosy working environment, and promotion opportunities.

High earnings are most important. Without a good income, I won't be able to look after my family properly.

A comfortable working environment is also vital. This should be indoors, with lots of space and nice views.

If I had to work in an unpleasant environment, like a factory, I think my health would suffer.

But if there were opportunities for a promotion, I would challenge myself to compete against my colleagues and improve.

That would help to build up confidence and would be an enriching experience.

I believe a good job can allow one to enjoy a wonderful life and have a happy family and future.

Leung Wing-tung, Our Lady of the Rosary College

Love and be loved

Nowadays, people bury themselves in their work and hide their feelings.

Nobody has time to take a break, or to show any consideration for others.

We should remember that society is built on love. Love is the basic element of relationships. All people want to be loved.

Starting from today, try to love the people around you more. A little gesture, like a smile or a warm hug, means a lot. It is not so difficult for us to take the first step. Don't always hide your feelings.

Please remember that society is the sky and our love is the rainbow. The rainbow always makes the sky more beautiful. The harmony of society is in our hands.

Cheng Tsz-yiu, Christian Alliance S.C. Chan Memorial College

Many ways to cheat, but all are wrong

In a bid to obtain higher marks, many students try different ways to cheat.

Some use cheat sheets, while others write notes on their arms and then cover them with their sleeves.

Nowadays, students use mobile phones to surf the internet while in the toilet.

As technology becomes more advanced, students invent new methods to cheat.

I can't see why anyone who is clever enough to do this would be so foolish to cheat.

I recently discovered a new method for cheating. My friend suggested that we use a mobile phone camera to copy someone else's answers.

Exams test our knowledge of what we have learned in school. If we cheat, we won't know our true standards.

Winnie Hui

Swim for health

Hongkongers lead a hectic life, and consequently, most of us don't do enough exercise.

Students are no exception. Our youth are our future, and they need to stay healthy.

Swimming is the ideal solution. It can be done alone or with friends, at any time of the day, all year round.

I strongly recommend students adopt swimming as a habit.

Swimming just a few times a week is enough to keep you fit and healthy.

Wong Fabiola, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School