A greener way of life

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 30 December, 2008, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 30 December, 2008, 12:00am

Name: Angus Ho

Occupation: Executive director of Greeners' Action

What I do: Because our organisation is quite small, I have to manage and plan most of our green projects.

Among other things, I have to come up with different green initiatives, liaise with other organisations and host seminars. I also have to work with schools on green projects.

Our organisation was launched in 1993 and it was initially called Green Student Council.

I really hope our work can encourage the public to protect the environment. I hope to persuade more youngsters and students to participate because I believe they are our best hope when it comes to protecting the environment.

Why I do it: In high school, I didn't know much about protecting the environment until I went to an eco-friendly camp. The trip was to Lantau and the site of the new airport.

From high up on a mountain we looked at the surroundings and brainstormed ideas about conservation and this new development. This made me think a lot.

During the camp, we also did some role playing. Each of us pretended to be one of the variety of wild life living in the area. We then shared our thoughts about the new development and how it had changed our home.

When we took a closer look, we realised the animals and plants in the area had been affected enormously.

After that trip, I learned to look at things from a different angle. I realised we humans are often too self-centred and that all life should be treated equally.

The best part: I think one of my biggest achievements in this job was to start 'No Plastic Bag Day'. The shops and chains taking part in this campaign encourage shoppers to use their own bag on one particular day each week.

Similar campaigns have been run in many other countries but this sort of idea is still new to Hong Kong.

I'm very glad that most of the city's businesses took part in this eco-friendly project.

Jobs that need doing: There is still a lot to do when it comes to protecting the environment.

For example, children nowadays are becoming more fussy and sensitive. Most of them would never be able to stand the summer heat without turning on the air conditioning. They have become used to a luxurious lifestyle.

That's why I really hope to do more to influence young people - they are the future.

I also want to help limit food waste. This is a very serious issue in Hong Kong.

One day I hope to: From the first day I started this job I had already decided it was going to be my lifetime career.

I honestly hope to help Hong Kong become a green and economically successful city the rest of the world looks up to.