Seat hogs annoy student library users

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 January, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 January, 2009, 12:00am

With examinations looming, mainland college and university libraries are busy places and many students are complaining it is hard to find seats.

According to staff from the library of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, the library was mostly occupied by books and bags rather than students from 5pm to 7pm, as students went to eat, leaving their belongings behind to keep their places.

Many students say it is better to study in the library rather than in their dormitories because it is easier to find references and there are fewer distractions.

But student Mai Jian argued that students hogging seats should remember the library is a public place and there were other students who wanted to study there. 'They should think about other people who want to find a place to study in the library as well,' he said.

In order to discourage students from hogging seats, the library has been putting up signs and notices to remind students they should not occupy seats if they are not actually in the library.

Disgruntled students complain the notices have not been effective, and as a result library staff have taken to confiscating personal items left unattended on seats.

But students like Lai Haixuan think more needs to be done.

'Students should be educated to discipline themselves and not be so selfish,' she said.

'I also think the library should be given more authority to stop students from hogging seats. Both users and management have to take action to maintain a comfortable library for everyone.'