Beefed-up Tony Leung takes centre stage during publicity for Red Cliff sequel

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 January, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 January, 2009, 12:00am

The second part of John Woo Yu-sum's epic Red Cliff will storm the theatres next Thursday and most of the cast was back in town on Tuesday to drum up advance publicity. Instead of a cliff, they were at the Peak for a press conference.

Wu (left) was joined by (from second left) Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Chang Chen, Vicky Zhao Wei and Lin Chi-ling, all pretending to launch a kongming lantern - those Taiwanese paper lanterns that float up when lit. Unfortunately, that's illegal in Hong Kong as it's considered a fire hazard, so the actors just, well, acted. The prop obviously shows up in the movie as it has the same name as Takeshi Kaneshiro's character Kong Ming.

Ironically, he was missing in action. However, his movie rival Leung grabbed the spotlight instead. With a new tan and looking more beefed up than ever, Leung revealed he's been training hard for his next film, Wong Kar-wai's biopic on wing chun master Ip Man - not to be confused with the Donnie Yen Ji-dan movie now out.

'I practice wing chun for at least two hours in my garden every day now,' he said. 'Ever since I started learning doing it ... I have given up all other sports. This is how good the discipline is.'

However, he has no plans to convince his wife, Carina Lau Ka-ling, to practise with him. 'No, I think it will be rather difficult for her and I believe women are better off acting more graceful.'

Well, we know she has been improving her posture (see story left).