Is this your lucky year?

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 28 January, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 28 January, 2009, 12:00am

Now that the Year of the Ox has finally arrived, it's time to consult the experts on what the future has in store for us.

Fung Shui master Peter So Man-fung said thing will not run smoothly for those born in the Year of the Ox as they will be at odds with the presiding god. This will be especially true for 12 year-olds with emotional problems. He urged parents and teachers to offer counselling and pay more attention to them.

Goats are also going to be in conflict with the presiding god this year. 'Oxen and goats should expect fluctuations in their relationships which can be quite extreme. If you're single you'll probably have a relationship, and if you're in a relationship, you will either be getting married or breaking up,' he said.

The relationships of Tigers and Monkeys will be excellent this year, added Mr So. Tigers are blessed by Hong Luan, the most powerful star ruling relationships, while Monkeys are blessed by the Tian Xi relationship star. Although Tian Xi is slightly less powerful than Hong Luan, it also brings desirable love relationships.

'Dogs should beware. They are 'torturing' the presiding god this year, which is a form of conflict with him. This will make them prone to gossip and disputes,' he said. He also warned Dogs to take care of their digestive health.

Pigs and Rats will do quite well in their studies, Mr So said.

But unfortunately, the year will not be generally good for Oxen, Goats and Dogs.

Mr So said things will not be too bad for those born in other years. But if you're looking to increase your luck in relationships, he suggests placing a glass of water and a music box in the northwest of your home or room, and a pink object northeast. To boost you luck in studies, move your desk to the south. If you can't do that, place four stems of water bamboo in the south.

Tarot card reader Betty Lee used the 22 cards of the Major Arcana - or deck - for an astrology reading. She said Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces will do pretty well in relationships.

Leo will have a particularly good year because 'The World' card drawn for them shows they will get what they want through charm. They will also be in the spotlight. 'The Heirophant' card for Libra means those born under that sign will meet someone who shares a mutual understanding.

Scorpios, who got 'The Moon' card, however, will focus more on their studies than on relationships.

'Aries and Sagittarius want to go out to play a lot this year,' she said 'and Pisces will too, but they are suffering a lot of pressure from their families to do well in school.

'Taurus, Libra and Scorpio will be working very hard. Virgo and Gemini should relax and balance out their workload.'

Numerologist Suen Pak said the year will be generally harmonious. To work out your secret number, add the figures of your birth date together, then add each digit of the answer until you get a single number.

Ones will be eager to find a relationship and will not want to stay single. But they could find school quite difficult. Twos will become more serious this year and look for stability. They are also looking for a mentor to give them more direction.

Threes will meet a lot of new friends, but won't be very focused on their studies. Fours will do a lot of charity work and Fives will have a few love-at-first-sight experiences.

Sixes will get good results from last year and have harmonised relationships. Sevens will make lots of plans and get results from the work they put in last year. They will also become more serious so studies will be easier.

Eights will find themselves more creative and will meet more new friends. Nines will feel a bit lazy this year and will not want to focus on learning. They will be looking for friends because they don't want to be left out of the action.