Take Two

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 31 January, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 January, 2009, 12:00am

Making It All Work

by David Allen

To lead an effective life, executives and managers in the business world need to be able to make things happen at their volition. This book explains that making choices and ensuring their efficient execution are key elements of success in the corporate world. While there are individual techniques and tools introduced by professionals and consultants to train people to get better at managing their time and improving work efficiency, the author argues that there should be a coherent method to encompass totality. This book provides a guide to principles and practices that executives can consult to organise their life and work, from handling a professional challenge to planning a vacation. The author equates the life of business to a game of work, which can be engaging and fun as long as people realise the purpose, know the boundaries, see the contents and understand the rules.

Everything I need to know about being a manager, I learned from my kids

by Ian Durston

Taking on the role of a manager is not child's play. Keeping a family in an orderly manner is as challenging as running a company. Ian Durston, a senior project manager at Airbus, uses his experience of raising children to shed light on daunting tasks tackled by management such as leadership, motivation, performance, team building and change. The author approaches these issues with witty examples drawn not only from his experience at leading corporations, but, more importantly, through the rituals and the parenting methods he has tried as a father of three. The author's sharp observations of human behaviour at work and his ability to make insightful correlations between managing a family and a company helps all prospective and current managers put their ideas and management skills into perspective.