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PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 February, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 02 February, 2009, 12:00am

Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School

Chiu Lut Sau Memorial Secondary School held its 26th Annual Speech Day on December 6.

We were especially honoured to have Winnie Tang, a graduate of the school and the founder and current CEO of Environmental Systems Research Institute China (Hong Kong) Limited, as our guest-of-honour.

Dr Tang delivered a very inspiring message and shared with us her fascinating experiences of pursuing her academic achievements and career.

She strongly encouraged our pupils to make use of every opportunity to broaden their horizons with international perspectives, and to give back to society.

Principal Margaret Lo highlighted the school's achievements in three main areas - curriculum planning, student development and teacher collaboration - all of which have been continuously and consistently enhanced over the past year.

The dance club and the school choir gave a remarkable performance.

Heung Yee Kuk Tai Po District Secondary School

Open Day at Heung Yee Kuk Tai Po District Secondary School was held on December 19.

The event had three main areas of focus.

The first was displays by the school's various clubs and committees.

The second was a production by students of the school featuring performances of Chinese music, drama, an amazing display of bicycle tricks and a kung fu demonstration.

Guests also viewed samples of student work including batik, pottery and graphic design.

The final focus was on demonstration lessons, and primary students were given the opportunity to experience school life as secondary students.

Guests included teachers from other schools, secondary students, primary students and parents.

Visitors made many positive comments on the performances and displays, and the drama group has been asked to present the drama Using Straw Boats To Borrow Arrows to other local secondary schools.

St Paul's Secondary School

The English language camp of St Paul's Secondary School was held on December 6.

Its primary goal was to help Primary Six students learn English and develop leadership skills.

We were delighted to also have Primary Six students from our sister school, St Paul's Primary Catholic School.

Both secondary students and primary students participated in the camp. The students were divided into groups that competed for prizes awarded to the top three groups.

Games included 'Body Parts Model', where students had to name and label various body parts.

Another popular and interesting game was 'Show Me the Olympic Events', designed to test and enrich participants' sporting knowledge.

Students were divided into two groups. One group acted out the movements involved in various sports while the other side guessed the name of the event.

The most challenging event was 'Tourist Attractions', in which students had to name and locate famous places from photographs.

Groups that could point out the corresponding national flags of the places in question were rewarded with bonus points, which increased their chances of eventually winning prizes.

All in all the camp was great fun and it helped to improve our English.