Model bounces into record books with world's biggest bosom

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 07 February, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 07 February, 2009, 12:00am

Many of my colleagues were filled with amazement and admiration when photos of Sheyla Hershey, 28, showed up on the wire services. The Brazilian-born model and actress, who lives in Texas, has now set a world record for breast implants. Her 38KKK bust, acquired after her ninth surgery in Brazil, is now certifiably the world's biggest bosom.

However, it is not Hershey's sheer size, but her determination, that has earned Lodown's unqualified respect. Her previous surgery boosted her already considerable stature to 34FFF. But the petite woman was still not satisfied. Her doctors, however, told her the state of Texas had set legal limits on the amount of silicone a woman can put on her chest.

Of all places in the US, you would think Texas would be the one state that had official medical subsidies for this sort of operation. It is, after all, home of the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders, whose busty presence recently graced our own city. Libertarians must be outraged. It is certainly every woman's right to decide for herself how big she wants to be.

According to news reports, Hershey's doctors tried to dissuade their determined patient, but to no avail. Her boyfriend also begged her to end her quest before she really hurt herself. She has reportedly dumped him for his lack of support. Say no more, Lodown completely understands.

Hershey then found out, after considerable research, that Brazil has no such unreasonable laws and an operation could be had at a significant discount to what is usually charged in the US.

The result? She now walks around with more than 5 litres of silicone on her.

On second thought, maybe Texas is right after all.