Stop that noise!

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 February, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 11 February, 2009, 12:00am

Noise is unwanted sound. A noise is generally something we don't want to hear. Sound can be nice, but noise is usually nasty

Cut down the noise

What do the following mean?

1 noisy neighbours

a. people who live next door and are always making a lot of noise

b. people who live next door and want to know everything about you

2 noisy

a. making a lot of noise

b. quiet and calm

3 noiseless

a. not making any noise

b. making a bit of noise

4 noise control

a. a machine that makes too much noise

b. a way of making sure something does not make too much noise

5 to cut down the noise

a. to reduce the noise level

b. to increase the noise level

6 noise pollution

a. small, annoying noises

b. unpleasant and unwanted noise that upsets people where they live or work

7 a big noise

a. someone who works long hours

b. a person who has an important position in an organisation

8 to make noises

a. to show how you feel without pushing your opinions too far

b. to attack someone with words

9 to make a noise about something

a. to complain or make trouble about something

b. to be happy about something

Noisy words

Here are some noises. Look at what sort of noises they are and make sure you recognise them the next time you hear them.

1 din - a loud, unpleasant noise which lasts for a long time

2 racket - an unpleasant, continuous noise

3 clamour - a loud noise usually made by people's voices

4 clatter - a loud noise made by banging hard objects against each other

5 rumpus - noise made by a lot of people who are arguing

6 hullabaloo - a loud noise made by lots of angry people

7 commotion - noise made by confused or excited people that lasts a short time

8 uproar - a sudden noise made by some angry people

9 pandemonium - a lot of noise and confusion caused by people who are angry, confused or excited

10 clang - a loud, ringing noise of something being banged against metal

Get rid of the noise

Replace the words in brackets with the best single word

1 What's that (loud, unpleasant noise) coming from the classroom?

2 The bell made a loud (ringing noise of metal getting hit).

3 There was (a lot of noise and confusion) in the office when the boss announced that the company would be closed.

4 We heard a loud (noise of hard objects being banged together) as the helper dropped the plates and dishes on the floor.

5 There was a noisy (noise made by lots of people who are arguing) as we all tried to decide what to say to the boss.

6 Can someone stop that (unpleasant, continuous noise) in the changing rooms?

Now do this

Choose the correct word so that the sentence makes sense

1 Why are you so (noiseless/noisy)? Can't you make less noise?

2 She's started (cutting down the noise/making noises) about wanting a pay rise.

3 We've got some very (nosy neighbours/noisy neighbours) in the flat next door.

4 Traffic in cities is a bad source of (noise control/noise pollution).

5 Since he changed jobs, he's become a (big noise/noisy neighbour) in banking.

6 My new vacuum cleaner is completely (noisy/noiseless). It's brilliant.

7 Can you please (cut down/increase) the noise! It's driving me crazy.

8 My boss has been (making a noise/cutting down the noise) about my bad spelling

for ages.


Cut down the noise: 1. a, 2. a, 3. a, 4. b, 5. a, 6. b, 7. b, 8. a, 9. a

Now do this: 1. noisy, 2. making noises, 3. noisy neighbours, 4. noise pollution,

5. big noise, 6. noiseless, 7. cut down, 8. making a noise

Get rid of the noise: 1. din, 2. clang, 3. pandemonium, 4. clatter, 5. rumpus,

6. racket