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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 14 February, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 14 February, 2009, 12:00am

A selection of master's courses in education, business and finance


Master of Education, faculty of education, University of Hong Kong

The HKU MEd is a postgraduate qualification aimed at experienced educators seeking to extend their professional knowledge of education. It contains a significant research component and is a valuable step for students aiming at higher degrees by research. Offered full-time (one year) or part-time (two years), the course is modular and comprises two parallel strands: a specialist strand (coursework/dissertation or coursework only) and a generalist educational studies strand covering a range of educational studies for teachers and education professionals. This strand is suitable for students looking to put together a tailored programme to meet their needs. Requirements Applicants must hold a general degree, plus a postgraduate certificate or diploma in education, and must provide evidence of having been a practicing educator for at least a year. Fees HK$82,000 per programme. Enrolment deadline February 20

Master of Education, faculty of education, Chinese University of Hong Kong

The CUHK Master of Education (MEd) programme provides more flexibility to professional educators seeking to broaden their understanding of education, in addition to opening up opportunities for specialist study. A general stream and specialisation programme are offered. Requirements Bachelor's degree in education, or equivalent, plus postgraduate certificate or diploma in education, or equivalent. Relevant experience may also be deemed acceptable. Fees HK$2,600 per unit, total 30 units required. Enrolment deadline February 28

Master of Arts in School Improvement and Leadership, faculty of education, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Educational and curriculum policies continue to push schools towards experimenting with a range of innovations. This trend is expected to continue in the years ahead. The Master of Arts (MA) programme in School Improvement and Leadership is a two-year, part-time course for education professionals interested in improving schools and student learning. It is aimed at schools and office-based leaders regardless of their background. This programme is designed to provide innovative and energetic educators with the theoretical and applied knowledge and skills to lead successful improvement in schools. Requirements Bachelor's degree in education, or equivalent, plus postgraduate certificate or diploma in education, or equivalent. Relevant experience may also be deemed acceptable. Fees HK$88,000 (by four instalments) Enrolment deadline February 28.

Master of Education, faculty of education, Scope, City University of Hong Kong

This two-year, part-time programme is conducted jointly with the University of Bristol, England. Its core objective is to encourage and develop global perspectives for practical application by education professionals. The programme is exclusively taught by full-time academic staff from the University of Bristol. An additional benefit is that weekend attendance is required only once every two months, so it would suit those with a busy schedule. The programme's international mix of students offers excellent opportunities for experience sharing and appreciation of cultural diversity. Students can also opt to study units at the University of Bristol. Combining six taught units plus a dissertation, students normally complete their taught units in the first year and focus on the dissertation in the second year. Requirements An honour's degree or equivalent plus a minimum of one year's appropriate professional experience. Non-graduates with a teaching or other professional qualification and a minimum of one year's professional experience can be provisionally registered for the MEd. Fees HK$96,000 Enrolment deadline February 28.

Master of Education, faculty of social sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University

The HKBU MEd is a part-time, two-year course aimed at advancing knowledge of and skills in education. It focuses on enhancing analytical and critical understanding of issues in education. The structure of the programme encourages a multidisciplinary approach, with a strong accent on facilitating initiatives and promoting leadership. Competence in education research is also fostered. A number of concentrations are available, including child and adolescent development, early childhood education, English language for teaching, liberal studies and school leadership management, and teaching mathematics at junior levels. Requirements Bachelor's degree from a recognised university or equivalent, plus a postgraduate certificate or diploma in education or equivalent, and/or relevant experience in working with children and adolescents. Fees HK$42,500 per academic year, subject to revision. Enrolment deadline Year-round application


Master of Science in Financial Analysis and Master of Science in Investment Management, business school, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The MSc programmes in financial analysis and investment management are designed to train students interested in professional careers in the finance industry. The curricula are regularly reviewed and revised to adapt to changing requirements in the broader financial world. Both begin with a solid foundation in accounting, economics, quantitative and computing skills, asset valuation and financial derivatives, which form the core subjects in the chartered financial analyst (CFA) examinations curriculum (the faculty will also accommodate students in taking the CFA exams). The two programmes offer four concentrations: corporate finance and security analysis in the FA programme, and asset management and risk management in the IM programme. The programmes are suited to individuals pursuing or planning to pursue careers in the finance industry or in the finance function of major corporations. Relevant experience is preferred but not obligatory. Part-time students require a minimum of 18 months to complete the 30-credit course. Requirements A good bachelor's degree, plus satisfactory GMAT scores, but exemption is possible for students with more than seven years of experience. Fees The 2008 fee basis was HK$4,500 per credit (30 credits required). Enrolment deadline March 31.

Master of Economics, faculty of business, University of Hong Kong

This course focuses on economic analytical skills and their application in the broader financial and business worlds. The programme aims to introduce students to the latest developments in global economics and economic theory, and to equip them with the appropriate analytical tools to put the theories into practice. Real-world relevance and applications are emphasised. Students are required to read eight courses which must include microeconomic theory, microeconomic analysis, and macroeconomic theory and analysis. The course work is designed to help students master economic analysis, use it creatively to find solutions to problems, and develop confidence in analysing issues and answering questions relevant to their work. Requirements Bachelor's degree or equivalent and at least two years of post-graduation work experience. Fees HK$96,000

Enrolment deadline March 2.

Master of Science in International Banking and Finance, economics department, Lingnan University

This is a one-year, full-time curriculum designed as a broad-based and internationally oriented programme. It aims to develop a set of problem-solving skills especially suited for those in managerial positions or who may move into managerial positions in the future, financial analysts or economists in banking and finance, multinational corporations and government or international organisations. It also focuses on extending students' working knowledge of international banking and finance in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific. The programme aims to strike a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge and to cover both local and international needs and concerns. Requirements Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, or bachelor's degree plus relevant work experience. Fees HK$95,000 (for 2008-09) Enrolment deadline March 31

Master of Finance (Investment Management), graduate school of business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PolyU offers a broad range of specialisations for economics and finance professionals. This is a sound example. One feature of the course is that it is open to graduates with little or no work experience. The programme can also be (but does not have to be) completed in one year. The programme provides those who would like to specialise in investment management with a combination of solid finance concepts and up-to-date industry know-how. It also prepares students for the chartered financial analyst (CFA) examination. Analysis and theory are combined with real-life scenarios, aiming at developing strategic and practical skills in the student. The curriculum covers more than 80 per cent of the contents of the chartered financial analyst examination. Requirements Bachelor's degree awarded by a recognised university or a professional diploma awarded by the former Hong Kong Polytechnic or the City Polytechnic of Hong Kong. Fees HK$108,000 Enrolment deadline March 12


Master of Science in Corporate Governance and Directorship, school of business, Hong Kong Baptist University

The HKBU MSc in Corporate Governance and Directorship covers not only the controlling and monitoring aspects of business management necessary to minimise issues of executive self-interest, but also the principles and practice of good corporate governance systems, including such elements as how to accommodate ostensibly conflicting stakeholders' interests at the same time as promoting corporate performance. The programme is suitable for experienced business directors, managers and professionals looking to strengthen the corporate governance functions in their organisations. Of increasing relevance to all corporate and professional organisations, the programme's solid knowledge base would also be valuable to anyone wishing to attain senior business management and board of directors level. The courses are designed for part- and full-time students: 18 months for part-time, 12 months for full-time. Requirements Applicants should have a bachelor's degree in business from a recognised university or comparable institution, or an equivalent qualification such as a professional accounting or finance qualification. Fees HK$102,000 Enrolment deadline Year-round application.

Master of Science in Management (Operations Management), faculty of business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This is a 21/2 year part-time course that introduces the concepts and tools needed for managing the resources of an organisation to optimise efficient production and distribution of goods and services. It is best suited to professionals working in services and manufacturing, in both private and public sectors, and who wish to continue to develop their careers in these areas. Foundation course work covers accounting, managing organisations and people, the political and economic environment for management, and managing customers and markets. Specialist subjects include dealing with quantitative techniques, decision making, quality management, resource planning, information technology and e-commerce. The Postgraduate Certificate is awarded without a specialisation, as a Postgraduate Certificate in Management. Options are available to complete the programme either with or without a dissertation. Requirements A bachelor's degree or equivalent professional qualification, preferably with at least one year of relevant working experience. Applicants with other post-secondary qualifications, normally not under 27 years old, who have been employed in industry, commerce or public administration for not less than six years, of which three years are in a managerial capacity, will also be considered. Fees HK$90,000 Enrolment deadline March 12

Master of Science in China Business Studies, faculty of business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

With the world's ever-growing focus on Asia and how to keep pace with the correspondingly increasing opportunities there - and challenges - for businesses and the managers who run them, this MSc focuses on developing students' knowledge and skills in doing business in China. This 21/2 year, part-time course is an economics-based, multidisciplinary programme that encompasses all areas relevant to doing business in China. It aims to provide students with systematic knowledge of business practices, and the ability to analyse the changes in government policies and regulations that affect business operations in China. The programme is suitable for people who have already attained some understanding of the mainstream aspects of international business. A compulsory study tour to China forms part of the programme and is normally organised once a year. Students must attend the tour and submit a report. Requirements A bachelor's degree or equivalent professional qualification in relevant fields of business. Preference will be given to applicants with several years of relevant work experience, especially in China. Fees HK$90,000 Enrolment deadline March 12

Master of Science in International Business and Management, school of continuing and professional education, City University of Hong Kong

This two-year, part-time MSc is a co-operative programme run together with Britain's Leicester Business School, De Montfort University. Its aims are to develop an in-depth understanding of international business and management issues, and to improve students' strategic and problem-solving skills in an international context. Courses are taught by a mix of British and Hong Kong specialist academics. Requirements an honour's degree (or equivalent) in any discipline from a recognised university, or equivalent professional qualification. Appropriate work experience is also required. Fees HK$114,000 Enrolment deadline February 28.