Judo's top men put sport in a spin

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 March, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 March, 1994, 12:00am

HOPES of a reunification within the strife-torn local judo community fizzled out when talks on the formation of a working group to restructure the Hong Kong Judo Association broke down.

Members of the breakaway Hong Kong Judo Federation were disillusioned by fresh proposals put forward by association chairman Henry Shing Yuen-hing on the structure of the proposed working group.

''It was agreed that each of the three parties in the dispute will have five people in this working group but now Shing wants more seats with a ratio of one member for every five clubs,'' said Ugo Conta, president of the Federation.

''He also went against his words and wanted this working group to be under the HKJA committee, which we couldn't accept because whatever is decided could be blocked by the committee.

''We are now fed up with the situation. If they want to reorganise the sport, they should start in an honest way and shouldn't play games.'' Judo in the territory had been dissected by a long-running power dispute dating back to 1985 and there was a further rift last year which split the sport into three factions.

Ex-chairman Cyril Wong Siu-ming led a coup and tried to oust his former allies, Shing and Samson Mak Yiu-cheung, from power but they were barred from the association's annual meeting. Wong's group are now seeking a court ruling for re-elections.

Shing called a ''plenary session'' of the local judo community last month and proposed setting up the working group to amend the association's by-laws and to prepare for the 1995 election.

Wong's party boycotted the meeting and refused to join the working group, insisting on going ahead with the law-suit.

Shing, however, denied that plans to form the working group have been scuppered and said: ''We can't do anything unless the third party (Wong's group) also join in, or until after the court hearing.''