Everyone plays prefect

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 March, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 March, 1994, 12:00am

Lingnan (Heng Fa Chuen) Secondary School 44 Jardine's Crescent Causeway Bay, Hong Kong STUDENTS of the Lingnan (Heng Fa Chuen) Secondary School have a good opportunity to practise self-discipline.

Abolishing the traditional system of prefects, the school has adopted a Student Marshalling Scheme to maintain discipline.

''Every one here is responsible for discipline,'' said principal Yam Sui-lee.

Under the scheme, every student has the rights and responsibilities of the traditional prefect like maintaining order in school. The students take turns carrying out the duties and reporting to the teachers.

''Establishing a prefect committee might induce some kind of conflict between prefects and students. Assigning all students the duty to maintain discipline and order can help them understand what they should and should not do, which is more effective,'' Ms Yam said.

At the end of the term, the school will send letters to the parents of students who have carried out their duties successfully to praise their efforts.

The school also keeps regular contact with parents to inform how their children are doing.

When students have done something very good or bad, they are asked to fill out a record form on what they have done or ways to prevent them from making the same mistakes again.

Teachers will also give their remarks on the forms which parents are asked to sign.

''We want parents and teachers to share the same views. This enhances communication between them,'' the principal said.

Apart from reporting on students' services and conduct, the school also informs parents about their academic performance.

If students show improvement in their exams, the school sends parents a letter before the results are announced in school.

To train students' language ability, the school requires them to practise oral English throughout the year in the form of self-introduction.

The school is temporarily situated in Causeway Bay because the Heng Fa Chuen campus is not ready yet. It will move to another temporary campus in Siu Sai Wan in August next year as the school, currently offering Forms One to Three classes, will start Forms Four and Five classes.

BACKGROUND The Christian school, founded in 1991, co-educational secondary school with 650 students, 31 full-time teachers and nine auxiliary staff.

HEADMASTER The principal is Ms Mellissa Yam Sui-lee who holds a BA, a Cert Ed and an Advanced Dip Ed. Ms Yam has 11 years of teaching experience.

TEACHING LANGUAGE Students are taught in English and Chinese.

ACTIVITIES Students are divided into four teams, and the school offers various clubs and activities including JPC, CYC, computer club, football team, red cross, editorial club and Christian fellowship.

SPORTS Students are encouraged to take part in all kinds of sports.

FACILITIES The school has 18 classrooms, two integrated science laboratories, a music room, a playing field, a gymnasium and an assembly hall. Visits to the Science Museum, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Chinese University and new towns are arranged.

SCHOLARSHIPS Cash scholarships are awarded to the three best students in the school and the top students in each subject.

PREFECTS There are no prefects. The school adopts a students marshalling scheme.

SCHOOL MOTTO ''Education for Service'' is the motto for the school.