Cocktails creators hope to stir up some cash for cancer charity

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 February, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 February, 2009, 12:00am

Nisha Paramand is ready to resume her form of alcoholic altruism. The organiser of Cocktails For A Cause restarts her popular evenings tomorrow night at Finds, with three local boozers taking their revelling ways behind the bar to serve friends and acquaintances for a change.

The beneficiary of the night, previously held at Harvey Nichols' Fourth Floor Bar, will be the Hong Kong Cancer Fund, with 20 per cent of the beverage proceeds going to the charity. 'I started these events because of my mum's passing,' Ms Paramand explained of the charity connection. The guest mixologists will be Lane Crawford Joyce group executive Monica Blanch (pictured right), Carat Jeweler's Scott Thompson (left) and financier (and Nisha's brother) Jay Paramand. The three will be concocting their own exotic creations with provocative names.

Dealing with daily hedge-fund headaches, Mr Paramand offers the Apotheke ('It's your daily prescription during an economic disaster').

Mr Thompson's special brew is the Triple Orgasm. 'Why have one when you can have three?' he said. 'Sex sells. I had to do some bartending in my college days to get by. I can still make a mean Margarita.'

As for Ms Blanch, her drinks are a real witch's brew. One is called La Vampiressa and the other is the Killer Kiss. 'I have owned two restaurants in the past, one in Madrid and one in Hong Kong, but my main stint shaking it up was when I worked with the Ninetysevengroup in 1994 - I was one of the original Dolce Girls. It's been a long time since. Why those bloodthirsty names? Who's not ready for a little bite or kiss from a Spanish vampiressa!'

The fun starts at 9pm.