Extra Confessions of a Working Girl

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 March, 2009, 12:00am

Extra Confessions of a Working Girl
by Miss S
Penguin, HK$119

The title, Extra Confessions of a Working Girl, hints that the book contains the bits that weren't good enough for the first volume. In the latest instalment Miss S, apparently a 'highly successful London-based paid companion', moves from strip club to sauna to escort agency. The settings may be different but the work ends up being the same: providing sex for men who will pay for it. The author gives salient facts throughout, including a Bridget Jones-type list at the start of each chapter; instead of kilograms lost or gained, however, Miss S tallies up hours worked, fees paid and tips. The writing, which verges on explicit, is far from erotica, nor is it a manual. Instead it ends up being little more than a voyeuristic glimpse at the life of sex workers. Sometimes interesting, sometimes tedious, sometimes matter of fact, the stories are like the author's customers. The few who have violent tendencies will remind readers that, despite Miss S claiming she loves what she does, it is a dangerous job. Which is why her 'Handy Hints for Hookers' section is a good idea. The advice could also prove useful for those who go on blind dates or find mates online.