Slice of Life

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 March, 2009, 12:00am

Attitudes to fashion haven't changed in 90 years - tai-tai existed even in 1919, as Florence Rose shows in her review on the front page of March 8.

In the Saturday edition, she says that while it may have been possible at one time to buy a handbag at the beginning of the season and have it remain in fashion for six months or a year, such a thing would in these days be nothing short of a miracle. Two bags a year do not begin to fill the requirements of even the least aspiring of women. With four bags a year one might expect to struggle along somehow: this takes us into the seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. Each season has a type of bag considered correct. One season it may be velvet, and in another satin might be quite the thing. Colour is of vital importance, and the light-coloured bag of the summer is quite out of place in the early fall.

One of the more interesting points to watch for on this side of the water will be how the skirt lengths compare. When the French designers put out their models in August, they showed a very short and narrow skirt; the designers in New York, however, showed the skirt very much longer. Will the French or the Americans have their way for another season?

Much interest is being shown in the cultivation of opium in the Foochow district, with a considerable amount being grown in the south of the province. Proclamations have been put up telling people to uproot their plants and at the same time the government sends men through the country to collect taxes from these farmers on the opium they are growing. It is reported that $250,000 has been collected on the opium.

The Shield final of 1919 marked a step forward in the local soccer annals, if one is to judge by the evidence of Saturday's display. Excellent arrangements had been prepared to meet the vast concourse of people gathered around the Hongkong Club enclosure. Some, not satisfied with the view at the ground, took up position on the hill above Wong Nei Cheong Road and must have been well rewarded.

It was the general opinion that the game itself was probably the best final seen for a number of years. The play was absolutely clean of those shady moves that have been too common of late. The result was in doubt up to the final whistle. The Chinese were in a way unlucky in having to submit to a defeat and had as much of the game as the Club, which won the match as it registered the first point.

Either side had not had many chances to score as the respective defences were far superior to the attacks. At half time the score stood 0-0, but the opening point came with 5 minutes to go. McTavish bored his way between Leung Tai Fong and Cheng Wing Hon and got sandwiched. A series of shots were aimed at the Chinese goal; Stewart was the first to have a pot but McTavish crashed in one that Lau Hing Cheong could only help into the top corner of the net.

Every day's experience in Berlin only deepens the strong impression made by the present demoralisation of the German nation. Much that appears genuine turns out to be substitute. For example, paper table cloths are used even in the leading hotels owing to linen ones being commandeered as bedsheets. The condition of the poorer classes is truly desperate. Apart from scanty official rations, food is only obtainable from illicit traders at extortionate prices. The ranks of the unemployed are estimated at 465,000.

A boy was charged with recklessly riding a bicycle near the Water Police Station. An Indian sergeant said he saw the defendant falling from the bike and he refused to stop his practice after being told to do so. The defendant was told not to practise bicycle riding in the crowded streets. He was fined $1.

A character change act at the Victoria Theatre is exceptional entertainment. Fredony plays a sketch all by 'his lonesome', taking the parts of five different people and piling up complications as readily as if the whole company were present. Fredony claims to change his clothes quicker than a woman changes her mind. In his one-act playlett, Fredony effects 29 complete dress changes with lightning rapidity, changes his voice for each of the characters and sustains interest in each one throughout the whole comedy. Nothing exactly similar to this one-man act has ever been presented before Hongkong audiences.