Youthful passion for the arts

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 12 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 March, 2009, 12:00am

The Arts Ambassadors-in-School Scheme is organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. It encourages students to share the fun of arts and take their passion for the arts beyond campuses and into the larger community.

About 500 primary and secondary students have enrolled in this scheme. They will take part in a series of arts programmes during the Easter and summer holidays. They will also have the chance to become radio hosts on RTHK Radio 2. Selected arts ambassadors will share their experiences in Young Post every week.

This week's artists are Marion Chu Nok-yan from Victoria Shanghai Academy and Stephanie Bow Wing-yan from Diocesan Girls' School.

Marion Chu Nok-yan, Primary Four, Victoria Shanghai Academy

I went on a field trip to the Peak for a sketching assignment. During the activity, I had to draw a bird's-eye view of Hong Kong.

I learned how to use perspective and depth in a drawing. I also realised that when I wanted to sketch, I had to find a quiet place so that I can concentrate on my work.

Stephanie Bow Wing-yan, Form Four, Diocesan Girls' School

Looking at the photos of my trip to Europe, the images of colourful, stained glass windows in churches really amazed me.

I am a devout Buddhist and a huge fan of Asian-western fusion.

The term 'stained glass' usually refers to the windows of churches, cathedrals, and other significant buildings. I have always wanted to integrate the term with Buddhism.

Instead of Christian figures, I incorporated Sakyamuni - the founder of Buddhism - with lilies and clouds as decorations in my design.

I mainly used common stained glass window colours, such as red, blue and yellow.

With a passion to produce something new, I wanted to create a full-length design and paste it on the window of a temple and observe other people's reactions.