Would you rather have high IQ or high EQ?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 12 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 March, 2009, 12:00am

Ronny Tang Bing-yuk, 14, Ying Wa College

EQ. People with a high EQ are able to express themselves in the right way at the right time. Those with a high IQ sometimes struggle to relate to other people because their understanding of intellectual problems is greater than others.

We are more likely to admire those who can communicate well with everybody than those who can solve complex mathematical problems.

Scientific tests are necessary to test IQ, but EQ is obvious from the way a person acts. As soon as we meet someone we can assess whether they have a high or low EQ, but it takes time to find out whether someone is academic or not.

But I think practice and training are needed to attain both high IQ and EQ. People aren't necessarily naturally gifted.

Even if people are born geniuses, unless they strengthen their potential, their talents will be wasted. The same is true with EQ - if you shut yourself away from others, you will not develop your EQ.

Jessica Sham, 12, West Island School

EQ. I'd love to have a high IQ, but if I had a low EQ I wouldn't be able to manage my moods and emotions or relate to others.

I would also find it difficult to work with others as a team, and would end up having arguments all the time, instead of supporting and cheering each other on. A high EQ would let me have empathy towards everyone, so I could understand others better and see if they're having a tough time.

I would also be able to understand why people act the way they do, and see if I can help them.

There are disadvantages to having a low IQ, but it's possible to work extra hard to make up for it. You can also choose jobs with lower IQ requirements, but you always need to work well with people.

On the whole, I think a high EQ is more likely to make me contented and able to spread happiness to those around me. I don't think a high IQ is necessary to be successful - but with a high EQ, you will be able to talk to anyone, which will lead to success.

Jessica is the winner of last week's round