PUBLISHED : Thursday, 12 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 March, 2009, 12:00am

Green schools protect the Earth

We all have to take responsibility for protecting the environment. And this responsibility should extend to schools and their curriculums.

An average school day involves a lot of paper: handouts, exercise books, question papers and so on. But adopting environmentally friendly practices would protect the planet and give students opportunities to learn more about the environment.

E-books could be used to reduce the use of paper. But as these are still quite rare and expensive, teachers could use projectors instead of handing out materials.

Recycling is another important element in an environmentally friendly school. Schools should find out about the different sorts of bins and place them where everyone can access them - paper in the classroom, and plastic and metal in the canteen, for example. The government should help schools achieve these goals.

There are many ways to make schools more eco-friendly. And by educating young people, the next generation of adults will be more environmentally aware.

Kevin Lai, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

A lesson in cultural differences

Despite the tremendous success of Slumdog Millionaire at the box office and the Oscars, the movie is less popular in India, where it is set. In fact, many people in India are concerned that foreigners will assume the film is a true representation of how everyone lives.

It can be difficult to understand another culture. Our impressions are often formed by what we see on TV or at the cinema. People also believe in rumours and what others tell them, without checking the truth for themselves.

On a bigger scale, this could lead to misunderstandings between governments, and eventually to war.

It is important to learn the truth about another culture. The best way is to talk to as many people of that culture as possible to get to know what the culture is all about.

If we all took the time to understand each other, there would be less hatred and fewer wars in the world.

A Student

Be brave enough to say 'I love you'

I recently read a book called Loving Each Other, which teaches us how to love others, whether it's our parents, friends, girlfriends or boyfriends.

It tells us the first step is to say 'I love you' wholeheartedly. This may seem an easy task, but these days many people struggle to say it, even when they mean it. They think people will mock them.

But admitting your love for someone proves your strength as a person. Until you say it out loud, you will have difficulty maintaining relationships of any description.

If you're not prepared to admit your love for others, you face years of loneliness.

Chan Tsun

Being trendy isn't always cool

Young people are very concerned with being trendy.

But I don't think blindly following trends is a good idea. Something that's in fashion one month could be old-fashioned next month - this makes shopping expensive.

My advice is to be yourself. Being trendy simply means giving up your creativity. If all you do is follow others, you'll struggle to discover who you truly are and lose your individuality.

Follow your own ideals and ideas, and buy clothes according to their quality, durability and your personal style.

Not only will this approach prove your uniqueness, it will also be better for the environment and your wallet.

Kelly Wong