Slice of Life

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 March, 2009, 12:00am

A master of the ferry launch Man On and the mistress of a harbour passenger boat reported a collision between their vessels to the Harbour Office on March 19. The master states he was proceeding from Hongkong to Shamshuipo when he saw a sampan bearing down on him at about 60 yards distance in the Southern Fairway. He altered course and sounded his whistle, but the sampan altered too. A second alteration in course was also countered and a collision resulted. The sampan overturned, throwing the crew of seven into the water. The sampan mistress states she was making alterations in the ordinary navigation of the channel and did not see the ferry launch nor hear her whistle blasts. She accounted for all her crew, two males, two females and three children.

In New York on March 19, the death was announced of Colonel John Calvin Coolidge, the father of the president of the United States. Colonel Coolidge died at 10.41 in the evening and the president heard the news at Bridgeport. Colonel Coolidge, who is father of the 13th president, was born at Plymouth, Vermont, on March 31, 1845. After the death of the late president Warren Harding, there fell to the late Colonel Coolidge, in his 78th year, the unique distinction of swearing in his own son, John Calvin Coolidge, as president. The ceremony gripped the imagination. The colonel, a justice of the peace, had administered the oath on the Coolidge family Bible under the dim rays of a simple kerosene lamp.

Foreign representatives of the Extraterritoriality Investigation Commission are struggling to 'live down' in dignified fashion the blunder during their first visit to a Chinese prison. The delegates, some 20 in number, were scheduled to make a trip to several Peking prisons. But they first went to the home of Silas Strawn, the American representative, for luncheon. Each in turn drew up at the Strawn house in his private motor car. It so happened, a young lady of the household, with a gentleman friend, had decided to ride in the spacious and park-like enclosure of the Temple of Heaven that afternoon. They avoided the luncheon party, left the house just ahead of the guests and in their own motor car drove off. One of the delegates had been instructed as to where they were to go. Seeing the young lady's motor car starting off first, the other drivers fell in line behind. None of the delegates had been to a Chinese prison and were unconscious of anything amiss.

At the temple, the lady and her friend stopped and got out and to their amazement, as they struggled to mount their China ponies, observed a long parade of cars drawing up around them. The bewildered delegates ascertained what was wrong and departed in the proper direction for their prison tour.

The popularity of the European YMCA Ladies' Night continues to grow, with 120 members and their friends present. The secretary's jig-saw puzzle provided considerable amusement. Various faces which had been carefully drawn were cut up into small pieces and there was keen competition to complete one face. One member also suggested that midnight picnics should be organised for summer. The idea would be for a launch to be hired to take members to a spot either on the Island itself or the New Territories.

On the Feminine Fancies page, the latest decree from Paris on hair-dressing is 'let nature take its course', except all heads are still clipped as closely as ever. The most fashionable coiffures are those which lie very flatly and are well laid as a formal garden. Curled and fluffy hair is quite a thing of the past.

Another article advises on a woman's chin line. If the skin under her chin is beginning to be flabby and withered, or if her jaws and neck are decidedly fleshy, the chances are that she is more than 30. If the lower part of her profile shows a clean-cut youthful line from lips to collarbone, you may be sure she is in her twenties.

Where there is tendency towards a double chin, apply a greaseless cream and then use a brisk slapping or patting massage for several minutes.