PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 19 March, 2009, 12:00am

Tomorrow-Apr 4, 7pm-12am

Le Meridien Cyberport

Ever since Masayuki Akamatsu bought his first iPhone two years ago, the Japanese media artist hasn't had enough of it. He now owns 60 sets, a third of which will go on display at his latest solo exhibition.

Titled Snowflakes, the installation features 20 iPhones that are connected through Wi-Fi - when a visitor touches one set, images of snowflakes appear on all the others and a 30-second music tune will be played.

Visitors can also download a specific application onto their own handset to interact with the installation. 'I like playing with iPhones. The sensors allow me to create images and sounds. By connecting the devices together, the whole picture is more fascinating. Now I have enough sets to create my own orchestra,' says Akamatsu. The artist is a professor at the International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences and his works have been exhibited in Japan, China, US, Germany, Britain and France.

'New media art is becoming more popular in Asia,' he says. 'The technology advancements in the past 10 years are really impressive. We now have more powerful devices at smaller sizes but the ideas and concepts for new media art genre are not so different from those 10 years ago. I think arts always goes faster than the society develops. We use new technologies to do the artworks that discuss how the society will evolve in the future. That's the law for arts.'

Akamatsu is the second artist of the Media Artist-in-Residence project launched by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Hong Kong Art School in December. His residency runs until July.

For more information on how to join the interactive exhibition and live performance tomorrow, 7.30pm and 8pm, go to

4/F Sunset Room, 100 Cyberport Road, Cyberport