Beadman recounts his triumph

PUBLISHED : Monday, 23 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 23 March, 2009, 12:00am

'There's such a big build up to a race like this - even before you get to the Derby, there's so much water that goes under the bridge and you're hoping and praying that when you turn up on the day, the horse will be 100 per cent.

I'd seen Collection the other morning, just going slow, and his appearance was spot on. His coat was pristine, shining like a new penny. Little things like that give you so much confidence, and his last gallop was outstanding, he hadn't any kind of setback.

He fired himself up today a bit more than last time he ran, but that was because the Derby starts in front of the stands. When we jumped, I wasn't over-anxious to put him anywhere, just wherever he landed was fine and we followed the field over expecting I'd be behind Thumbs Up or More Bountiful.

Well, we got about 100m past the post the first time and suddenly I saw that Thumbs Up was on the lead and I thought 'oh, no, Christophe's outplayed us here'.

I certainly didn't expect him to be there. Then I thought, I have to ride my horse, not ride to beat Christophe. So I got behind More Bountiful and he was giving Douglas [Whyte] a terrible time - in the back half of the field everyone was checking and bouncing off each other in the slow pace.

What I really wanted was an even tempo. When Douglas checked and went out wider, I didn't want to go forward underneath him at that stage so I let him come back in but he just kept travelling roughly and checking and I started to think it wasn't ideal. Then suddenly, Jeff Lloyd's horse Galaxy Treasure came around at the 1,200m and it was just a snap decision - I didn't think about whether to do it or not, I just latched straight on to the back of him and went.

Just bang! They were only going a working gallop so we got around quite fast and I was actually hoping Jeff's horse would take me around more gradually.

Because he was 100-1 chance, I thought everyone would just let Jeff keep going and they did and I think Christophe got a surprise. He looked happy to let Galaxy Treasure go but it caught him a bit unaware when I came around, too.

Then when I got outside the lead, I waited and waited and then thought, I can sit and wait and I know he'll outsprint them but he's a tough horse, he can make the move and he really dashed.

I hadn't hit him with the whip before today but it was going to happen this time and, to his credit, he really knuckled down and kept getting to the line. Even the last 50m, when he had every right to be putting in a couple of short strides, he was strong.

It isn't like me to do the big flourish on the line but I got a real kick out of this win, especially for John [Moore] who'd done so much to get me back here and I really let some emotion out today.

And I was quietly chuffed with my ride. Before the race, Lester Piggott (former champion British jockey) was in the parade yard and he said to John and I that the only day that Collection didn't finish off when his brother-in-law trained him in England was when he was ridden too close - so as I was coming back to scale, I was thinking, all's well that ends well, but I wonder what John was thinking at the 1,200m.'