Brand story: Cinq Mondes

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 24 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 24 March, 2009, 12:00am

What is it?
Cinq Mondes is a French brand from the Cinq Mondes spa in the heart of Paris.

Who is the founder?
Jean-Louis Poiroux, who says he spent several years travelling the world to learn about five ancient cultures (including China's) and provide the best treatments and cosmetic procedures for his spa in France. This resulted in what he calls the beauty rituals of the world offerings. 'My passion for aromatherapy, natural cosmetics and massages has been my driving force in creating Cinq Mondes,' Poiroux says. His 10 years of criss-crossing the globe resulted in the creation of a botanical brand, now on sale in Hong Kong.

What's the rub?
Called 'cosmetic preparations', the products are said to have been specifically adapted to perform professional spa treatments and to recreate the spa experience at home. Ingredients include active properties of tropical flowers, essential oils and 'rare' spices. 'Cinq Mondes preparations are developed under the control of a doctor in a pharmacy,' the company says. There are no silicones, artificial colours, animal-based raw materials or mineral oils. 'Produced with respect for the ancestral preparations they are based on, we have excluded petrochemical ingredients used in industrial cosmetics.'

What are their products?
Cinq Mondes has created the aromas and colours method, based on associating natural essential oil aromas with a specific colour and an 'energetic message'. Every aroma and colour combination works to benefit the body and spirit, Poiroux says. Poiroux created a colour guide to allow you to select a combination that best fits your 'energetic needs'. The combinations are based on the five elements of the Chinese Taoist tradition. For example, the shower and bath oil from Japan (used in the Ritual from Kyoto at the spa, HK$295/200ml) contains rose absolute and ginger essential oils, 'associated with green and the wood element', to bring you 'an energetic message of renewal, rebirth and youth'. The shower and bath oil from Morocco (Ritual from Atlas, HK$295/200ml) contains orange blossom and leaf essential oils associated with red and the fire element to bring a message of plentitude, force and euphoria, according to the company. There is also the Ritual from Bangalore eau de toilette (HK$650/50ml), which includes an energy message of soothing tensions using essence of citrus fruits, vanilla and cardamom.

Anything that stands out?
The most unusual product is the Ritual from Atlas Beldi Black Soap (HK$515/200ml), in keeping with the hamman (steam room) tradition. It contains virgin olive oil and essential oils of cinnamon, eucalyptus and cedar. It can be used in the shower or bath.

Where can I get it?
Only at Lane Crawford stores.