Let's get fit!

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 March, 2009, 12:00am

You've been a bit lazy recently, but now you've decided to do something about your lack of exercise. You've joined a gym. You've been meaning to do this for some time and at last you've got round to it. You've paid a year's subscription to New York Fitness and you are determined to go at least twice a week. Getting fit is now at the top of your list. Let's go to the gym!

My names's Ken

Ken is your fitness instructor. Here are a few things he tells you on your first visit. Do you know the meanings of the italicised words?

1 The programme I have planned for you contains quite a few aerobic exercises.

a. exercises that strengthen the legs

b. exercises to make the heart, lungs and muscles stronger

2 We will check your blood pressure once a month.

a. the number of red cells in your blood

b. the pressure at which the blood flows through the body

3 You must make sure you have a cool-down period at the end of each session.

a. a cold shower that must last more than five minutes

b. time to allow your body to return to normal rhythm after exercising

4 I want you to fill in this diet sheet then we can calculate your daily calorie intake.

a. a unit that measures the amount of energy that food provides

b. a set amount of liquid

5 If I'm not around, make sure you fill in this exercise log each time you come to the gym.

a. a list of what you think of the gym and the instructors

b. a record showing details of the exercises you have done

6 Some of your sessions will include cross-training.

a. exercises that strengthen your whole body by combining several different activities

b. exercises that involve running

7 The exercises we've just done show your flexibility is good.

a. the ability to jump high

b. the ability to bend well

8 You must always do some warm-up exercises at the beginning of each session.

a. the final exercises you do in a gym session

b. gentle exercises that get the body ready for harder work

Match the meanings

Can you match these fitness words with their meanings?

1 obesity

2 pulse

3 sit-ups

4 agility

5 balance

6 fitness goals

7 stamina

8 endurance

a. the strength to do something that is difficult

b. extremely overweight

c. a feeling of tiredness after exercising

d. the position where you don't fall to either side

e. the ability to move your body quickly and easily

f. progress made during a session at the gym

g. what you set out to achieve with your personal fitness

h. the ability to do something difficult for a long time

i. the regular beating of the heart

j. exercises in which you sit up from a horizontal position in order to make your stomach muscles stronger

Any finally

What do you think Cher meant by the comment at the top of the page?

a) Getting fit is very easy and doesn't take much effort if you have a personal trainer. There are also special fitness drinks that you can buy at a pharmacy that will help you get fit in a very short time without much physical effort. These drinks are cheap and everyone can afford to buy them.

b) It is easy to go to the supermarket and buy things off the shelf in a bottle. It doesn't take any effort. Getting fit always takes an effort and that is why many people don't bother. If getting fit was as easy as buying something in a bottle, everyone would be fit.

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March 18

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