PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 March, 2009, 12:00am

Science: not just for men in white coats

Although I knew nothing about science when I was in primary school, I really looked forward to studying it when I was promoted to secondary school.

At the time, I thought science was all about people who wear white coats and safety goggles. But I soon realised that science relates to every part of our daily lives.

For example, my mum always told me to eat a balanced diet. I followed her instructions but did not know why I had to do it.

Science tells us how the world works. It is a very important subject, and we should treasure the knowledge it gives us.

Evelyn Wong Sze-cheuk, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Sharing experiences with the elderly

Recently our school organised a community service activity for Secondary Three students. We were put in groups of five and sent to visit the elderly in Shun Lee Estate.

My group visited a couple who were both 75 years old. They were very nice to us and we found it easy to chat and laugh with them.

The man reminded us of the importance of studying hard, as knowledge is important for success, and to work especially hard at learning the world language, English.

The couple also talked about their experiences when they were young. Their stories were very interesting. We told them about our families and studies.

Although we only spent 30 minutes with them, we really enjoyed and benefited from the experience. We learned more about Hong Kong's history, and the elderly couple learned about what teenagers think and feel.

I can't wait to visit them again.

Chan Hiu-yan

Learn to appreciate, don't be envious

Have you ever been envious of another person's possessions or talents? I believe everyone has at some point and I am no exception.

Envy is a natural emotion. But it doesn't achieve anything. I believe envy is a bad habit.

We should learn to appreciate everything around us instead of being envious. If a person who is talented in something, you can appreciate their skill or learn from them.

Appreciation is a very important skill - and that includes appreciation of yourself and your own skills. Instead of focusing on other people's skills, remember that you have some strengths yourself.

Nobody is flawless. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We should learn to appreciate ourselves and accept our weaknesses.

We are very lucky to live in Hong Kong. We don't have to deal with the fear of earthquakes, flooding, famine and so on. We have compulsory education and the chance to learn and improve ourselves. And then we can share our knowledge and skills with others.

So don't waste time wishing you had what someone else has. Appreciate all the things you have and know, and appreciate how lucky you are.

Mui Po-ling, Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Reading for a better Sichuan

Recently our school organised a fund-raising readathon for the people of Sichuan . From December 1 until February 16, all Secondary Three students asked their relatives, schoolmates and friends to sponsor them to read.

Not only did we raise money for people in need, we forced ourselves to read more.

I think if we hold a similar event again, we should arrange a trip t o Sichuan. If we saw firsthand what people have suffered, I think even more people would be convinced to take part.

I also think more students should be involved, not just Secondary Three. The more people are involved in raising funds, the more money we will collect. I hope our efforts inspire other students to reach out and help those in need.

Andy Wu Ho-man, Wa Ying College