Don't Broach the subject of the 1993 tournament

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 28 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 28 March, 2009, 12:00am

Alistair Broach and Tania Mansfield are Kiwis who met in Scotland, live in Hong Kong and are about to move to Shanghai.

The couple are pillars of the rugby community. Tania is Football Club's under-sixes coach, and Alistair plays for Aberdeen, but more than that, they have been a fixture at some of the sport's most important events.

These include the Bali bombing in October 12, 2002, when Hong Kong lost 11 players and two of their entourage, and the recent bone marrow transplant required by popular teacher and mini rugby coach, Joel Dunn.

Their Sevens involvement is long as well - they've acted as liaison for teams including France, Australia and England, and Tania ran the women's component of the event for two years. What's more, she even worked as a beer girl when she was a teenager.

Ironically, the couple's first Sevens experience together, in 1993 was a miserable one.

'I couldn't have picked a worse year for my first Sevens,' said Alistair. 'It was the year it was pitch black at four in the afternoon. Then the heavens opened. You gave up on your South China Morning Post as an umbrella, it disintegrated into newsprint dandruff. The Sevens souvenir umbrellas couldn't stem the tide. Everyone in the stadium was dripping wet. I tried alcohol. But it was a nightmare, a complete anti-climax.'




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