One Plus Partnership

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 29 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 29 March, 2009, 12:00am

Who? One Plus Partnership is a Hong Kong interior design firm best known for show flats, club houses and public spaces in luxury complexes. It was founded in 2004 by Ajax Law Ling-kit and Virginia Lung Wai-ki (right, with Law) and has 13 employees. The firm's objective is to combine passion with practicality; to be experimental, but within the confines of a client's expectations. 'We are young and we look young but we need to prove One Plus Partnership is not just a company that 'works on interior design,'' says Lung. 'It is not just a job for us; it is our passion.'

What has the firm done? In Hong Kong, the studio has designed spaces for Cite 33, Manhattan Hill, The Pacifica Belle Mer, The Apex and Harbourfront Landmark. It won an award from Interior Design magazine in New York for its work on the Gemdale Mellon Town project in Shenzhen: 2008's best design for a public space. It was the only Asian interior design studio to win.

What's the project? In one of the development's 12 lobbies, One Plus created a system of post boxes (left) out of towering metal rods that sprout from the ground in clusters, like bamboo. The firm washed the space in a bright lime shade and painted the ceiling. Tall, thin lighting rods in plastic laminate inject energy into the space. Scored flooring tiles are randomly embedded with stainless-steel discs to channel the haphazard nature of bamboo.

Why bamboo? 'My design was based on the 'long life plant' in China, the bamboo that is loved by everyone,' says Law. 'Not only does the bamboo design serve the purpose of being a mailbox, it also brings the whole atmosphere to another level.'

What did the judges say? 'As we all know, bamboo is a renowned Chinese icon and a symbol of Chinese culture and I must say that One Plus Partnership's awarded project is the best mail room we have ever seen,' noted Interior Design editor in chief Cindy Allen. Winners were picked from 240 finalists in 62 categories, narrowed down from 1,300 projects by online voters.

What will the rest of the project be like? Work on Gemdale Mellon Town is continuing - two phases are already finished. The first phase saw the bamboo lobby completed along with another, 'Motif', done in red. Two others, 'Chinese architecture', characterised by brown beams and 'Chinese screen', in purple, were finished last summer. Meetings on the designs of the remaining lobbies are still taking place.