Lights, camera, action, and lots to worry over

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 29 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 29 March, 2009, 12:00am

Video expert Peter Kline spent last night worrying about his equipment - and the threat of thunderstorms today.

'Every year before and during every tournament, I worry,' Kline says. 'Then I worry about what I haven't worried about. I worry until it's over.

'A few years back when England won and the heavens opened when they were cracking the champagne, our gear was a bit of a concern with the sudden downpour. Had someone asked me to get the shot just a few minutes later, we would have been in very serious trouble. We got those shots by the skin of our teeth.

'When you've got good talent behind the camera, as we have in our presenter, Melissa Thornton, and all of the people we interview and see along the way, the last thing you want is busted equipment. The hardest aspect of my job is making sure the technology works. There's a lot more equipment involved in shooting this sideline stuff than most people could imagine.'

Kline has been responsible for all things video for the past 10 years, says HKRFU executive director Alan Payne.

'When rugby people and people of an artistic nature get together, it's a good synergy. Peter's been working with us for 10 years, and he knows as much about the Sevens as anyone,' Payne says.

'The moment he's finished one Sevens, he's working on ideas for the next one. Basically all of the action you see on the big screen that's not commercials and not the game itself is what Peter does. He's the creative video guy we rely on.'