PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 31 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 31 March, 2009, 12:00am

Take the pressure off and relax

Teachers and students are under stress.

Students have academic pressure, peer pressure and worries about their future, while teachers are stressed about the curriculum reform and reduction of classes.

Knowing how to reduce pressure is vital.

Many people practise yoga and tai chi.

Some people walk in the park or garden or read books before going to bed.

Lock Kar-see, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Health department needs to improve

I am writing in response to the recent cases of drug companies forging expiry dates of medicines. There have been eight such blunders since March 6 (Post, March 28).

Two employees from one of the companies that forged expiry dates were arrested on March 19 (Post, March 21).

This is a serious problem. When people get sick, they often go to the pharmacy to buy medicine. But even the medicines that doctors used in hospitals had problems.

The pharmaceutical company must take responsibility, but the Health Department should too.

If the recent scandals had never been revealed, the Health Department would not have taken action.

Yuka Yu, King Ling College

Love being a Hongkonger

Hong Kong is a fast city, and people don't seem to have time to walk their pets on a sunny afternoon or have coffee with their friends. But the city is also full of love and peace.

There are many volunteers selling flags for different organisations on weekends. And many social workers are helping those in need.

Every time a natural disaster occurs, nearby or far away, Hong Kong people lend a hand.

I am proud to be a Hongkonger. I hope I can repay society one day when I grow up.

Chan Pui-yin, Tsuen Wan Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Teenage crimes will never pay

Teenage crime is on the rise. This includes shoplifting, bullying, vandalism, not paying full fares for the public transport and taking drugs.

Teenagers have less time to talk to their parents these days, and are easily influenced by the bad habits of their so-called 'friends'.

Some of them do bad things to feel more powerful or to get attention.

They are wrong. Their bad behaviour will only damage their future because when they are arrested, they will have a criminal record.

Even if your parents are busy, try to talk to them during dinner or on weekends. Let them get to know you.

Miki Ma

When acting two-faced is beneficial

Some people around me are two-faced, including myself. They act differently towards different people.

One boy in our cooking class would not let a girl taste his dish. 'Do not touch it!' he shouted.

Later, when the teacher asked him if she could taste the dish, he smiled shyly and said of course she could.

I have to say his action disgusts me.

I know that I am two-faced sometimes too, like when I act friendly towards a girl that I do not really like.

But sometimes we have no choice as we have to look after our own interests.