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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 April, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 07 April, 2009, 12:00am

Word power

Match the words with their

meanings below

1 nude

2 allegedly

3 glorify

4 doctrine

5 erotic

6 bedeviled

a. to idolise, praise and honour

b. to be troubled or faced with many problems

c. highly sexual in nature

d. a naked human figure

e. a formal set of rules and principles

f. according to someone else's words

Reading comprehension

Answer the following questions

1 Why did the ancient Greeks once depict naked male bodies in their art?

a. to praise their gods, heroes and athletes

b. to practise their drawing

c. to celebrate life and death

d. to worship the Christian God

2 How did the model at Diocesan Boys' School become a public debate?

a. parents complained to the Education Bureau

b. the church complained to the school principal

c. an uncomfortable student told the press

d. the model's sister, a teacher, reported it to a social worker

3 How did one teacher at the school defend its actions?

a. in mainland China students start drawing nudes at a much earlier age

b. he said it had been a practice at the school for 20 years

c. he said teenage boys were more mature than people think

d. students were briefed beforehand and didn't raise any concerns

Answers on page 11 next Tuesday

Think about

1 Should nude models be allowed in secondary school art class?

2 What social taboos make nudity in art a 'sensitive' topic?

3 Do you agree with the author that, if Leonardo da Vinci were born today, his talents would be squandered in the face of public approval?


March 31

Page 7:

Reading comprehension: 1. c, 2. a, 3. d, 4. c

Word power: 1. b, 2. d, 3. c, 4. e, 5. a