Good-luck eyebrow tips

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 April, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 April, 2009, 12:00am

It is all in the eyebrows - whether you will be rich or poor - at least according to some fung shui masters. And fung shui master Mak Ling-ling says you can give your fortune a helping hand by keeping your brows neat and tidy - or even by having them professionally shaped.

Readings begin with the shape of the eyebrows, says Ms Mak. People with moon-shaped eyebrows are outgoing and open-minded, while straight eyebrows signify independence and slanted brows that look like the Chinese character 'eight' are found on people whose lives are emotional roller-coasters.

When it comes to the general shape, Ms Mak says people with a sharp arch in their eyebrows are brave yet emotional, while straighter eyebrows represent a lack of confidence.

People with thick eyebrows are often absent-minded and do not pay much attention to detail. Men who have such brows are popular among ladies, Ms Mak says. Women with thick brows are passionate. Thin brows represent a conscientious and attentive personality.

Ms Mak says the gap between the eyebrows and the eyes tells a lot about what kind of family relationships the person will have. People with higher eyebrows are more caring towards their family, and people who have lower eyebrows are less so and can be vengeful.

The kind of hair in a person's eyebrows also reflects a lot more than most people realise, according to Ms Mak, particularly how wise they are. People who have eyebrow hair that grows upwards are sharp-witted and love to take risks, she says, adding they are also perceptive. People whose hair grows downwards are often afraid of taking risks.

She says people with eyebrows that slope towards the outer corners of the eyes are just and wise, while those with shorter eyebrows can be erratic.

No one is born perfect, but there is no reason to be a victim of your eyebrows, says brow artist Maki Ho of Benefit Cosmetics.

She says even men are becoming increasingly conscious of the shape of their brows. 'Actually not many guys are shy about this [eyebrow shaping]. We wax the hair ... in a very short while, so it doesn't hurt as much,' she says, adding that the number of men coming to her for the service had 'increased significantly' compared to the past.

'Most of them think their eyebrows are too messy or bushy.'

Ms Ho says waxing removes excessive hair, especially in the space between the eyebrows, and the shape could be maintained for up to four weeks with thinner hair growth. She explains it is the best technique for tidying up bushy eyebrows.

Waxing makes it possible to remove 50 hairs in one go, rather than painfully removing them one at a time with tweezers.

If you do it yourself with tweezers, Ms Ho says, you have to be sure the two brows match.

'Nicely shaped eyebrows will make you look stunning, even if you're not wearing make up,' she says.

And, of course, as Ms Mak says, they could bring you better luck.