Law and order official arrested

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 April, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 16 April, 2009, 12:00am

Prosecutors arrested Zhu Bing, the top party official for law and order in Yongkang county, Zhejiang province, for corruption and passport forgery yesterday, Xinhua reported.

Zhu's saga began when he applied for a passport last year. He wanted to visit the United States, purportedly to visit his daughter who was studying there. But the Communist Party's department of organisation turned him down after finding that he was an intimate friend of a former president of China Harbour Engineering Company who had fled to the US in September after a financial scandal hit the state-owned enterprise.

Zhu then resorted to deception in a new attempt to get a passport, Xinhua said. A friend told Zhu that he had an employee, Xia Liurong, who resembled Zhu in age, height and looks. The three reached a deal to help Zhu get out of China, and in February they drove to the public security bureau in Mr Xia's birthplace, Yiyang county in Jiangxi province. There, Zhu applied for a passport using Mr Xia's name and background information.

A policeman on duty accepted the application without question. That easy success encouraged Zhu, who returned to the police station to apply for a travel permit to Hong Kong and Macau a week later, whereupon his alleged deception was spotted. There were no details about how the police found him out.

The Communist Party city committee in Zhejiang's Jinhua city announced on Tuesday that Zhu had been punished by shuangkai - being stripped of his government and his party posts.