Objects of desire

PUBLISHED : Monday, 20 April, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 20 April, 2009, 12:00am

An aspect of the fair sure to raise plenty of interest is the Iran Pavilion. Organised by the Iran National Carpet Centre, the pavilion presents an opportunity for buyers interested in hand-knitted Persian carpets to meet and deal directly with the companies for the first time.

Mr Abdollah Nekounam, Consul General of Iran, said that these Iranian companies hoped to tap into Hong Kong's regional advantages in trade, services and logistics, and to establish a regional market hub here.

'Persian carpets are rooted in the history, civilisation and customs of various regions in Iran,' he said.

'That is why when you purchase a carpet from Isfahan, you are taking home a part of its local culture, art and history; the same can be said about carpets made in cities such as Kashan, Tabriz or [the province of] Charmahal.'

He said a great deal of passion and talent went into creating such products by the artists.

'They hum special songs inspired by the local culture while knitting every single knot from designs inspired by the local geography and history.'

To experience the carpet-weaving process there will be regular demonstrations from exhibitors showing the whole process from spinning the wool, to the natural colouring process, to knitting the carpet by an artist.

'Many of those interested in Persian carpets frequently ask us how to make sure of the authenticity of the carpets sold in the market,' Mr Nekounam said.

'The carpets exhibited in this fair are 100 per cent Iranian with their special designs, natural colours and materials.'

He hopes that this will teach buyers to recognise real Persian carpets from the many fakes.

'Some countries have produced fake versions of our carpets, but the buyers of Persian carpets recognise the obvious differences. This exhibition is a good opportunity for visitors to directly make connections with the traders as well as the producers of this cultural-commercial product.'