Poo delivers write stuff

PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 April, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 24 April, 2009, 12:00am

An Australian scientist has discovered a way to turn an unwanted item - wombat poop - into handmade paper, the BBC reports.

Wombats are a furry marsupial, closely related to the koala, which can only be found in the wild parts of Australia.

Creative Paper, a novelty paper store, has been selling novelty paper made from kangaroo poop for years but received new requests for paper made from wombat poop.

'As people were coming through and we were showing them the samples of our paper, they would throw questions at you like 'can you make it from sheep poop or can you make it from koalas?' And the one that kept popping up more than any other was the wombat,' manager Darren Simpson said.

The paper is made out of the poop of one wombat, Nugget, that lives in a wildlife park in Tasmania, Australia.

Although the final product smells 'nice', Mr Simpson said the manufacturing process is unpleasant.

'When we are boiling it, it does smell horrific as you can imagine, but once it has been sterilised and rinsed properly there's no scent left to it. If anything it just gives you a nice organic smell,' he said.