Cab Chat

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 April, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 27 April, 2009, 12:00am

The Consumer Council said two of the city's large supermarket chains were raising prices before offering discounts. The council also said consumers were actually paying more during the discount period. I think I am being cheated by the chain stores, which I think should not raise prices when they offer discounts. They should be honest. If similar pricing tactics still exist in the market, no one will buy their products.

More action should be taken when there is misleading advertising in the market. The authorities should give those responsible a warning. Penalties should also be imposed for such behaviour. Using a numerical grading system could be a good way to help consumers identify the best stores - like the hotel industry's star ratings. If misleading advertising takes place, the company's rating can be downgraded by the authorities. I think such large supermarket chains should have social responsibility. Consumers lack the ability to judge whether advertising is misleading, so consumers should be protected.

I prefer buying products in bulk at the large supermarket chains because I find them more convenient. I can purchase many products like drinks, food and so on. Those stores are much cleaner than the shops and stalls at wet markets. There is no need for legislation to force supermarkets to honour their promotions. And it is not a better way to protect consumers from being cheated as law is rather a complicated thing. Listing all the prices of the products on the internet is the most effective way to cope with the problem. I think the consumers should have the right to know the prices. When all the prices are being disclosed, I can make purchases by comparing prices. So let consumers get enough information about the prices of the products.

The most important thing when shopping is to think whether the product fits you or not. Then you should compare the prices with similar products in different stores. After that, you have to ask yourself: 'Can you afford to pay such a price?' I pay much attention to the prices before making purchases.

Action star Jackie Chan was under fire from all parts of the Chinese-speaking world over remarks in which he suggested that Chinese need 'control' and that too much freedom can lead to 'chaos'. I think that being a public figure, it is necessary for him to pay more attention to his behaviour and words in public. I suggest he only gives responses on issues within the scope of showbiz. He should avoid commenting on politics, as he is not a politician. He should comment on the industry to which he belongs. However, I'm not worried that these remarks will affect the image of Hong Kong. He is not a political leader, so his comments don't represent Hong Kong and they are not made on behalf of Hongkongers. I think he just spoke without thinking. But different people interpret the comments in different ways. I think Hong Kong has freedom. We have freedom to travel and freedom of speech. His comments have drawn heated criticism from Chinese people around the world and in Hong Kong. Hongkongers have engaged in many discussions about his comments on the internet and elsewhere. This shows the freedom of speech in the city.

The Hong Kong Retail Management Association said more than 18 million fewer shopping bags were distributed by 25 retail chains last month under its 'every day no plastic bag' campaign. Under the campaign, plastic bags are not handed out to consumers unless they ask for them.

I agree with the decision to impose a 50-cent levy per plastic bag, as the levy is not high. It would be great if the amount collected by the levy in the future was donated to charity for education and medical purposes.

There will be almost 9 per cent fewer Form One places available at aided English secondary schools this year. I am a father of three. My youngest son is going to study at secondary school in September. I do not have enough money to send my children to study overseas. So I think the government should provide more places in secondary schools as well as universities in Hong Kong.