Artistic pair take to the turntables to DJ the night away

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 April, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 April, 2009, 12:00am

Japanese designer Jun Takahashi was back in town on Monday to unveil his latest spring collection, as well as launch a photo exhibition he collaborated on with artist Katsuhide Morimoto in Joyce Boutique's front window. However, the two seemed more interested in DJ-ing the night away than working the fashion industry crowd.

The acclaimed founder of the edgy Undercover line might have officiated at the opening of the 13-print display called Grace - a virtual character realised by photographer Morimoto - but there's a reason why Takahashi is also known as the 'fashion DJ'. Let's not forget he was also once the lead singer of punk band Tokyo Sex Pistols. Joined by Morimoto (left in picture), the two were a turntable tag-team most of the night spinning trippy beats.

'It's a great feeling to be back playing some music again,' Takahashi said.

He's actually been in town since Saturday overseeing the exhibition and alternately observing the mixed reaction of Hong Kong pedestrians and shoppers to the unusual imaginary creatures.

'Some people really have on a face as if they are asking, 'What is this?' and some looked very interested [in the works],' the street-culture vulture noted. 'I very much enjoy looking at their reactions and I think it is fair for them to express their feelings in their own way.'

Luckily for him, some of the folks in attendance at the event were in the appreciative camp. As he chatted with CitySeen, he was suddenly pulled away to meet the buyer of a HK$20,000 print that had just sold. So, is his art now as profitable as his fashion? 'They are two totally different things,' he said walking away and smiling.