Tsai escapes pork peril at album launch

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 02 May, 2009, 12:00am

Mando-pop diva Jolin Tsai Yi-lin's release party for her latest album, Butterfly, nearly turned into a disaster when the petite Taiwanese singer dropped a cleaver at a pork-carving ceremony.

In keeping with tradition, Tsai (left) officiated the cutting of a roasted pig to bring luck to album sales here. But as the chef handed her the big chopper, it slipped from her hands. Fortunately, it only landed on the floor and no one was injured.

Tsai made light of the incident. 'The chef was trying to pass me the chopper, but it might have been too greasy and slipped from my hands. Luckily, it only landed on the floor and not on someone's feet, otherwise there would be headlines in the next day's newspapers calling me a murderer,' she said, laughing.

Butterfly is Tsai's 11th album, but marks her debut with Warner Music after ending a three-year contract with Capitol Records.

The new album features 10 songs from a variety of genres, including an upbeat dance single, Butterfly, a hip hop number, Real Man, and love ballads such as Compromise. The album has reportedly cost the label more than HK$2 million just to buy the costumes the singer wore on the CD cover.

Butterfly is out now