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PUBLISHED : Monday, 04 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 04 May, 2009, 12:00am

The world is on edge over the H1N1 flu outbreak. This outbreak has become headline news. I am pleased with the government's measures to fight against the outbreak in Hong Kong, such as the preparation of hospital beds and enforcement of precautionary measures.

Economists and academics warned that a full-blown H1N1 influenza A epidemic would plunge the Hong Kong economy further into recession in a possible repeat of the devastating Sars outbreak. Six years have passed since the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in 2003, which is a painful memory. Those days were quite a hard time for me. There was no one on the street. No one took taxis. I earned no money at that time.

The economy was hit hard during Sars. I worry about the effect of the new flu on Hong Kong, given that the economic situation is even worse. I do not want to see the bad economic times of the Sars outbreak return.

The Hong Kong government is taking steps to fight the flu. I also take precautionary measures by cleaning my car and keeping its compartment well ventilated. If the situation becomes severe, I will wear a mask, and my car will undergo thorough cleansing and disinfection.

I think most Hongkongers are forgetful of the bad times during Sars. Some of them forget to watch their hygiene. Some lifts are not being cleaned on a regular basis. Some people do not wear masks when they are sick. The awareness of epidemic prevention is weak.

A medical expert and a lawmaker have questioned the Hong Kong government's decision not to issue an official advisory warning people against travelling to Mexico. I believe issuing a travel warning is not an effective way to stop the flu spreading across the world. Human connection has to take place because of business and other matters. People have to get in touch with each other. So diseases can be spread much easier than before. But public health safety should be the top priority.

Soccer pundit Spencer Lam Sheung-yee, who began a career as a professional footballer almost 60 years ago and then won fame as a commentator, died at the age of 74. Hong Kong has lost a special, talented commentator who made his voice recognisable on the air and could raise listeners' attention. I respect him and he made a great contribution to the local soccer scene. His death is a reminder of the style difference between the young and the senior soccer commentators.

Hong Kong soccer lacks development. I agree that there is not much public interest in local teams. It is true that most Hongkongers like watching matches from other countries because the players are much better, but I think the government should promote sport through education.

Children should be encouraged to become interested in a sport they like, to promote sport at school. But children in Hong Kong place a higher priority on academic performance than on sport. The government could host more international sport events to promote sport across the city.

Canto-pop singer Jill Vidal is free to return to Hong Kong after a Tokyo judge gave her a two-year jail term, suspended for three years, for heroin possession. Japanese police also found a rolled-up cigarette containing cannabis on Canto-pop singer Kelvin Kwan Chor-yiu, but he was not charged. I think they should be responsible for their actions. Both of them are adults.

I think this incident can be used an example to teach young people to stay away from drugs. I do not accept their apology, as they did wrong. Everyone should know that taking drugs is wrong. Heroin possession should be punished by law.

Besides, drug-taking cannot relieve pressure. Everyone has their own pressures. I think it is wrong to take drugs to relieve stress. There are many ways to relieve stress. I play video games.