14 injured after bomb thrown in Dongguan

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 May, 2009, 12:00am

Fourteen people were injured in Humen township, Dongguan , in a bomb blast on Sunday night outside a grocery store where a crowd of people were sitting.

At least three people were in serious condition, with two having had limbs amputated, according to the Guangzhou Daily. It said the huge blast had also badly impaired the hearing of the injured.

A Humen township spokesman said 11 were still in hospital yesterday, while three who were slightly wounded had been discharged.

Police have ruled out the involvement of a suicide bomber, but said they still had no idea who or how many people were involved. There were no surveillance cameras in the area to help investigators.

However, preliminary investigation suggested that someone had intentionally thrown an explosive device.

Witnesses said the 14 injured - six men and eight women - lived in the neighbourhood and were watching television outside the grocery store when there was a huge blast.

'I saw a dozen people on the ground. Some had lost their limbs and were lying in pools of blood. The scene was terrifying,' one witness told The Southern Metropolis News.

He said power supplies in the 500-metre-long street had immediately gone down and the windows were shattered by the explosion.

A security guard said the blast had rocked a five-storey factory as if there had been an earthquake. Another witness said she was hit by falling debris as she rushed out of the building for fear it would collapse.

In a special announcement, Dongguan party boss Liu Zhigeng ordered police to solve the case, and 50 anti-riot officers had been deployed to investigate.

A police spokesman said: 'We believe the bomb was deliberately ignited because the blast happened on the road and was not an incident linked to the store.'

Police said they had not found any pieces of the bomb, but denied it was a military explosive.