Breaking the ice

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 May, 2009, 12:00am

Icy nouns

Make sure you don't slip on the ice and fall over as you work through this exercise. Tread carefully.

What is ...

1 black ice?

a. A dangerous, thin layer of ice on a road drivers can't see

b. A frozen dessert made from plum juice

2 dry ice?

a. Ice that has been on the ground for more than a month

b. Frozen carbon dioxide used to produce smoke in theatrical performances or keep food cold

3 an ice-breaker?

a. A hammer for breaking up icebergs

b. A fun activity that makes people who do not know each other feel more relaxed together

4 an ice cube?

a. A small block of ice that you put into drinks to make them cold

b. A type of special car for driving over ice

5 an ice floe?

a. A fast-moving river of ice

b. A big area of ice floating in the ocean

6 an ice pack?

a. A bag full of ice you use to reduce swelling or cool down

b. The frozen top of a mountain

Breaking the ice

Decide on the meanings of these verbal phrases and then use four of them in the given sentences. Be careful about the tense of the verb when you use it.

1 to de-ice something

a. to put food in a fridge

b. to remove ice from something

2 to be ice-blue

a. to be very dark in colour

b. to be very pale blue in colour

3 to ice over

a. to become covered with a thin layer of ice

b. to learn to skate

4 to break the ice

a. to do something to make an uncomfortable situation less awkward

b. to clean out a freezer

5 to be as cold as ice

a. to be loving and friendly

b. to be unfriendly and aloof

6 to cut no ice with somebody

a. to bully someone

b. to have no influence on someone

Icy mixture

What are these people saying?

1 You're skating on thin ice if you do that.

a. You're taking a big risk.

b. You'll certainly succeed

2 We're making no progress at all. Let's put our plans on ice for a while.

a. Let's forget about our plans for a while

b. Let's put our plans in the rubbish bin.

3 I think I'm going to prepare a water ice for dessert on Saturday.

a. a frozen dessert made of water, sugar and fruit juice

b. a dessert with cream and fruit pieces

4 They are going to open an ice rink in Pacific Walk next month.

a. an ice cream restaurant

b. an area of ice where people can skate

Fill in the blanks

Complete these sentences using verbal phrases from above

1 I will have to scrape all that ice off the windscreen. The car has ________________during the night.

2 We are going to play some games to ________________ as soon as everyone has arrived.

3 He always ignores me. I find his personality ________________.

4 That ________________ with me. I'm going to do it the way I want.


April 29

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