PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 May, 2009, 12:00am

Differences make life interesting

Different people value different things. Some people may think certain things are more important than you see them. You can both be right, but these differing opinions can cause arguments.

Learning to tolerate other people's views and to accept other people's values is a big challenge we must meet. It is important to appreciate that different people value different things, and we must accept that is part of life.

If we all thought the same, life would be very dull. Differences make life more interesting. Being able to calmly discuss differences encourages communication and friendship.

Stephanie Wong Sze-wing, CNEC Christian College

Give a helping hand to volunteers

Every Saturday, large groups of people stand on the streets with a bag in one hand and a sheet of stickers in the other. No matter what the weather, they stand up straight, with a smile on their face, and ask passers-by if they want to buy a sticker.

Most people walk straight past them. But these people are not selling stickers for their own gain. They are volunteers, raising money for charities.

Next time you see someone working hard to raise money for those less fortunate, reach into your pocket and give them a coin. Every dollar helps, and you'll make the volunteers' job easier.

Lam Kit-mui, Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School

Time for electric cars in Hong Kong

Electric cars are a very modern form of transportation.

Using electricity instead of fossil fuels, they don't produce greenhouse gases and they save energy.

I think Hong Kong should introduce electric cars. There are many advantages to these vehicles.

Firstly, they are small, which means they are perfect for a city like Hong Kong where space is limited. They are perfect for a single person or a couple without children.

Secondly, they do not produce harmful fumes which damage the atmosphere. The air will be fresher and it will be easier to breathe.

Thirdly, they don't need fossil fuels, so these fuels will become cheaper.

I think the Hong Kong government should more actively promote electric cars. They are good for the environment, the economy and society.

Sunny Chu, Jockey Club Ti-I College

The stress of the financial crisis

The news is full of lost jobs and countless employees who have been made redundant because their employers have had to resort to mass layoffs to cut costs. Sadly, it often happens to people who are the main breadwinners in their family.

Meanwhile, fresh university graduates are facing huge difficulties in finding jobs. Even if they did very well in their exams, they are not guaranteed work.

Unemployment could force some people to engage in illegal businesses in order to earn a living. The stress of earning a living is huge at the moment.

To relieve stress, it's important to remember the blessing money can't buy: support and love from family and friends. Hongkongers can overcome this crisis!

Nadia Chan, ECF Saint Too Canaan College