Sympathy for waitress who stabbed official

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 14 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 14 May, 2009, 12:00am

Internet users have expressed their support for a hotel waitress who killed a government official in Badong county, Hubei, after he allegedly tried to get her to take money in exchange for sex.

Deng Yujiao, a pedicurist at the Xiongfeng Hotel, reportedly stabbed Deng Guida, head of a Yesanguan town government office in charge of business promotion, to death on Saturday night after refusing to provide the official with 'special service'.

The stabbing was cited by netizens as an example of the struggle that the underprivileged endured against official corruption and immorality.

Badong county police refused to divulge further details, but a Yesanguan official and a hotel employee confirmed the stabbing.

Xian Dai Kuai Bao newspaper reported on Tuesday that Deng Guida, 44, and two subordinates went to an entertainment venue at the hotel and asked Deng Yujiao if she could provide 'special service', a euphemism for prostitution.

The official reportedly slapped the woman's head with a pile of cash after she said she worked at a karaoke club and was not a call girl. He pushed her onto a sofa twice before he was stabbed three times. One of the subordinates was also wounded.

Deng Guida died from blood loss and a punctured lung.

Deng Yujiao called the police and turned herself in.

Writing on, a news portal affiliated with People's Daily, netizen Li Shanju said he had little sympathy for the official and was concerned about the fate of the waitress.

'But whatever her future will be, she has won dignity on behalf of her peers,' he wrote.

Likening Deng Yujiao to Yang Jia, who killed Shanghai police officers over perceived police injustice in July last year, many other internet posters argued that the pedicurist had acted in self-defence.

Despite a public outcry, Yang was executed on November 26.

Another internet user, Liang Ping, wrote on that the public had little sympathy for the dead official because they were fed up with official misconduct.

She said the case had made a mockery of provincial officials' push last month for clean government.