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Now is the time to cut emissions, firms told

PUBLISHED : Friday, 15 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 15 May, 2009, 12:00am

Now is the time for Hong Kong businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change, Executive Council convenor Leung Chun-ying said yesterday.

Mr Leung, also the patron of the Climate Change Business Forum formed last year, said there were opportunities for businesses small and large to respond to the demand for goods and services that involved the production of fewer greenhouse gases.

His comments came as the forum and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce jointly released a 79-page guide on how businesses can reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

'The guide does not say when we should do it because we believe the time is now,' Mr Leung said at a launching ceremony for the guide yesterday. Entitled 'Capitalising on business opportunity', the guide is available for download at the forum's website,

Also speaking at the ceremony yesterday, chamber chief executive Alex Fong Chi-wai said that with the publication of the guide, Hong Kong was ready to move onto the global stage in matters of climate change.

Several speakers from different trades and businesses presented their climate change strategies at the ceremony. The managing director of environmental consultant ERM, Andrew Jackson, urged businesses to focus on 'easy win' projects that were low cost and straightforward before tackling polluting and energy-intensive activities or switching energy sources.

Jeanne Ng Chi-yun, director of group environmental affairs at CLP Holdings, advised businesses not to be afraid of setting difficult goals, but also warned that unrealistic goals could be a big waste of time.

Meanwhile, a survey commissioned by Shell showed that Hong Kong drivers had become much more conscious of fuel efficiency in the last two years.

The pollster attributed the change in attitude to surging fuel prices.

About 59 per cent of 300 drivers polled said they had adjusted their driving behaviour to conserve fuel. That represented a 136 per cent increase on drivers who behaved in that way in 2007, when a similar poll was conducted.

The poll was taken in January in the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. Hong Kong drivers emerged as the third most aware of fuel efficiency among the places polled, after Germany and the Philippines.

The survey also showed that Hong Kong drivers have cut back on their car use. The number of motorists who drive daily fell to 13 per cent from 45 per cent in 2007.

About 60 per cent of drivers also said they checked their fuel consumption every week, compared to just 35 per cent in 2007.

But Shell said there was still insufficient information for drivers on what to do about fuel efficiency.

It said it had launched a 'FuelSave' training website containing useful driving tips to improve fuel efficiency.

It aimed to reach more than 100,000 drivers in Hong Kong.

Increased awareness

A survey shows Hong Kong drivers have become more aware of fuel efficiency than they were two years ago

The percentage of drivers who have cut back on their car use is: 85%