dress diary

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 17 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 17 May, 2009, 12:00am

April 28

The SYP dress design competition was the first time I'd entered an art-related contest, so I was really surprised that I won, but very grateful to be given the opportunity to work with a real fashion designer.

It's all very exciting. Today I meet Kanch of Kanchan Couture for the first time at her studio.

I go over my design, and Kanch listens as I explain what I like and dislike. Once she has an idea of my preferences, she promises to come up with some ideas. Can't wait!

April 30

At our second meeting, Kanch shows me the six designs she came up with. Due to time constraints (we only have about a week to design and make the dress), the elaborate detailing I hoped for can't be included. After much deliberation, we decide on a fitted design with a diagonal strap.

Next I have to decide on the colour and fabric, so we head to the fabric store.

Before we arrive at the shop, Kanch explains the different properties of silk, which silks will work well for this design and which we should avoid.

On the way, I also get to learn more about Kanch. Her undergraduate degree was actually in French and Economics, and then she became a fashion designer ... how inspiring!

When we get to the store, Kanch picks out a few two-toned silk taffetas and a few brightly coloured satins. We finally decide on a dark blue taffeta and a pink satin. So excited to see how the dress will turn out!

May 6

At our first fitting, Kanch makes some alterations, but otherwise it fits perfectly! It comes out even better than I expected, so I'm very pleased. Today I meet Laura, the image consultant, and we talk about what to wear with my dress on prom night. She also gives me tips on how to do my makeup and what to keep in my clutch for touch-ups. Thanks Laura!

May 11

Today is our last meeting. I go to Kanch's studio early so Laura can do my hair and makeup, and then we head off to take pictures around Central. This is such a funny and surreal experience - I've never done anything like this before. Walking around a Central market in heels and a bright pink dress is definitely a strange experience: I feel so out of place, and I'm sure the people around me feel the same! It takes a while to feel at ease, but luckily the photographer is very kind and extremely patient - hopefully the pictures will turn out fine!

I've learned so much these few weeks, despite the stress of travelling back and forth from Sha Tin to Central in the middle of my IB exams. It's all been utterly worth it! Thanks again Kanch and SYP - I had a great time!

Thanks to Laura Grace Warren@ColourMeBeautifulHK, Holger Bartel@UFORepublic and Yau Shing Textile Co.