Woman stabbed to death at border

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 22 May, 2009, 12:00am

A 27-year-old mainland woman was stabbed to death by her mainland boyfriend in Shenzhen yesterday after she returned with a new Hong Kong boyfriend.

In front of horrified witnesses outside the Futian checkpoint, the man stabbed the woman through the heart with a 20cm knife which he then turned on himself. Witnesses said the man, apparently suspicious the woman was in another relationship, had waited at the checkpoint and erupted in rage when he saw her hand in hand with the Hongkonger.

The woman ran about 50 metres in her high heels before stumbling and falling, enabling the man to leap on her and attack her with the knife while the new boyfriend fled unhurt.

The woman, who witnesses said was from Hubei province, was confirmed dead at the scene with at least five wounds to her chest. Doctors said she died of loss of blood from the wound in her heart.

The killer, a 22-year-old man from Chongqing , tried to commit suicide by stabbing his throat and wrist several times.

He was taken to the nearby Shenzhen Futian People's Hospital for surgery and doctors said he had regained consciousness last night.

Police said they were still investigating the attack.

'I was horribly scared seeing the young man with a 20cm-long knife running to catch the victim,' fruit vendor surnamed Wu said. 'The blood-soaked woman shouted for help but nobody dared to stop an armed and angry man. She stumbled at the bus terminal after running about 50 metres. This enabled the man to sit on her and ferociously attack her with the knife.'

Other witnesses said the man seemed determined to die and refused first aid.

'His intention was very clear and every stab was hard enough to be fatal,' said another witness who fell and hurt his shin trying to escape. 'Their blood splashed all over the road and bus terminal. Blood from the man's throat soaked through the white sheet when he was taken to an ambulance.'

Some 50,000 cross-border passengers pass daily through Shenzhen's Futian, which is connected with Hong Kong's Lok Ma Chau crossing.