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Event horizon

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 24 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 24 May, 2009, 12:00am

Kim Yu Tsui-kam has got 'talents' and she'd like you to put them to good use.

Her company, Yu Got Talent, which launched with a lavish Mother's Day party aboard Star Cruises' Superstar Aquarius, has positioned itself as an agency that provides the sparkle, rather than just the staff, for corporate events, promotions, conferences and exhibitions - think singers, dancers, guest speakers and entertainers.

Yu, who worked as a Cathay Pacific flight attendant for 10 years, has employed a number of former colleagues who have been forced to take unpaid leave. She has a degree in tourism from the University of Canberra, in Australia, and has worked as an aerobics instructor, a production assistant on the Explore Wild Hong Kong video series and as a presenter for the television series Macau Extreme Challenge.

She says that seeing so many of her flight crew friends struggling inspired her to create an agency dedicated as much to brains as beauty. Yu told the 200-strong crowd onboard the Aquarius that each entertainer, or talent, is hand-picked and 'committed to a course of self-development'.

Her team of 28, which includes Malaysian- born jazz musician and event planner Maggie Chooi, is based in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Indonesia and the United States.

The team also includes an award-winning capoeira dance troop from Cebu (below), Hong Kong-based singer Billy Wong, spiritual healer Shu Bretag and models-cum-event speakers Grace Hsing and Zara Turner.

To use some of Yu's talents - which include facilitators for team-building workshops and fashion stylists - visit