PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 25 May, 2009, 12:00am

Sad reflections on earthquake

In a village in Sichuan, Red Cross staff discovered Song dynasty wooden houses that had not collapsed during last year's earthquake. But a lot of recently built schools did collapse. Clearly whoever built them did not do so in a responsible way.

Meanwhile, Hongkongers donated a lot of money in earthquake relief, and some Sichuan officials reportedly kept it, while withholding lists of the dead.

I find this sad.

Louanne Lam, Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School

Choosing to eat vegetarian

Some people are vegetarian because of their religion - such as Buddhists and Hindus - while others are vegetarian because they think killing animals is wrong or simply think eating vegetables is healthier. Whatever the case, I think vegetarianism is a valid lifestyle choice.

There are different kinds of vegetarians. Vegans do not eat meat, eggs or dairy products. Ovo-vegetarians don't eat meat and dairy products but eat eggs, while ovo-lacto don't eat meat but eat eggs and dairy products.

Some people say vegetarians do not have a nutritional diet and do not get enough protein, which we need to stay healthy. But actually, vegetarians can get all the protein they need from things like tofu, beans and nuts.

I think, as long as vegetarians pay attention to what they eat, they can eat just as healthily - if not more so than meat eaters.

Lee Kai-wa, Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School

Quarantine was a necessary measure

A group of travellers staying at a Wan Chai hotel were recently released from a seven-day quarantine. I really sympathised with them because they lost their freedom. And they were under observation as potential virus carriers. It couldn't have been a good feeling.

All the same, I appreciate the swift reaction to the epidemic. The government officials handled it well. Even though there were complaints at first, later the guests realised they were getting good service. Most importantly, the government was prompt with information about the situation and its latest measures. It's far better for the government to be frank and transparent than to be caught out flat-footed later.

I hope the government can keep up the good work.

Sophia, Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School

Don't give up at the drop of a hat

When I went biking recently, the day didn't start off so well. It rained as soon as we got on our bikes. The bikes were difficult to control on the wet road and it was so humid we couldn't stop sweating. We also got dirty, splashing through the puddles on the road. I felt like giving up and wished I'd chosen to do something else on my day off.

But after some time, the rain stopped and the weather began to improve. The sun came out, and on the return leg there were blue skies, a nice sunset and a fresh summer breeze. It was worth it after all.

When something is not what you expect, don't give up.

Yau Chun-hei, STFA Tam Pak Yu College