Oasis of calm strikes a chord with tenants

PUBLISHED : Friday, 29 May, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 29 May, 2009, 12:00am

GardenEast, one of the latest serviced apartment projects on the market, is based on the concept of creating an oasis of relative calm and green living in the bustling district of Wan Chai.

According to the developer and landlord, Hopewell Holdings, there has been an enthusiastic market response since the property's launch this year and it has proven popular with multinational companies. Investment and banking executives account for more than 30 per cent of tenants while professionals and consultants make up about 30 per cent.

A company spokeswoman said residents were impressed by the purpose-built serviced apartment development, including the standard of its management, the service quality and facilities, particularly the gym and reading room.

'We have had very good feedback from tenants,' she said. 'They really appreciate the quality of this new development and its services and facilities. For example, the gym on the third floor is spacious and equipped with a variety of facilities for the enjoyment of tenants.

'All apartments have their own private balcony, making them special. We make very effort to ensure life in the serviced apartments is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Tenants can find an oasis of calm after a day of work in the office.'

The spokeswoman said landscaped gardens added greenery to the development. For example, the garden on the ground floor, measuring about 6,000 sqft, was designed by Philip Liao & Partners, with a water feature and large evergreen Camphor trees.

'The roof garden, featuring a barbecue area, is also popular with the tenants,' she said. 'It enjoys good views to the cityscape and residents really like to use the open area for family and social gatherings.'

The building on 222 Queen's Road East provides 216 serviced apartments, with a choice of studios, one-bedroom units and executive suites on the 6th to 32nd floors. The studios range from 395 sqft to 455 sqft, one-bedroom units measure 571 sqft and 575 sqft, and executive suites of 672 sqft.

More than 50 per cent of the apartments have been leased out, with flexible lease periods from one to 12 months. Average rental stays at a level of HK$45 per sqft a month. According to the landlord, some units on higher floors have been rented out at more than HK$50 per sqft, reflecting the strong demand for quality apartments and the convenient location.

The serviced apartment building is situated near Hopewell Centre and Wu Chung House, the two flagship commercial towers owned by Hopewell Holdings in the district. GardenEast forms part of the landlord's strategy to expand its presence in Wan Chai. It has established The East portfolio by restructuring and grouping the retail premises of Hopewell Centre, Wu Chung House and QRE Plaza together as a new focal point for lifestyle dining and entertainment with nearly 30 dining outlets. The proposed Hopewell Centre II development is in the planning stage with a view to adding new excitement in the future.

According to the landlord, the GardenEast project has incorporated extensive environmentally friendly elements, including the use of recycled timber for floor decking, eco-friendly paints with lower volatile organic compounds (VOC), T5 fluorescent tubes in all common areas and apartments, and timer control for lighting serving public areas.

Central air-conditioning adopts a variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system for energy saving, while the inverter type multisplit air-conditioning units, serving typical flats, also help achieve energy efficiency. Water taps and the flushing system are equipped with sensors, and a shower system, instead of bathtubs, is installed in bathrooms to save water.

The serviced apartments are fully furnished with equipment and devices such as high definition televisions, DVD players, electrical appliances and a fully equipped kitchen. Maid service and wireless internet connection are available.

The landlord is offering GardenEast tenants the use of parking spaces at Hopewell Centre for HK$3,150 to HK$3,420 a month, a 10 per cent discount.